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Over the last decade, I've helped countless, motivated new grads navigate the early stages of their career. As a result, I created the Savvy Girl Community to support them through their journey. From personal branding, to interview skills and resume building, we cover it all!

One-on-One Services

If you prefer a highly individualized experience and would like to work one-on-one, this is the best option for you. My thorough method of quickly identifying your unique and individualized needs enables efficient progress in accomplishing goals. Limited ongoing appointments and half-day intensives are available. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult to discuss what we can do to elevate and prepare you! 

resume course

Resume Course and Design Services

​Did you know that the average online job posting receives over 200 applications and that most resumes only receive 6 seconds of attention before they move on to the next candidate?  Take your resume to the next level! Allow the Savvy Girl team to transform your resume into a beautiful representation of YOU!

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Savvy Girl Guides and Courses

Our Savvy Girl Guides and personal investment programs are designed to help women in various stages of their lives and careers. Each results-driven program is packed with immensely valuable content, high energy sessions and a built-in support community to help keep you accountable before, during and after the course. The flexibility of a self-study course allows you to work on yourself and your vision when your schedule permits.

Savvy Girl Workshops

Get ready to be educated and entertained! I love to connect with my audience to leave a lasting impression and added value to your event. Over the last decade, I have personally spoken to over 100,000 people and millions more through various media opportunities. Contact us to learn more about upcoming workshops or to discuss your custom workshop request. 

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