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Mindset Techniques

Confidence Building

Goal Setting

Defining your Personal Brand

Paperwork Tips and Tricks

Website and Social Profile Best Practices

Platform/Social Impact Development

Proper Preparation for each Pageant System

Effective Interview Strategies 

Bonus: Over 400 interview and onstage questions!

Where we will focus...

✔️ Mindset⁠ - We’re going to make sure your confidence and mindset are in check and that you’re motivated to win, with the clarity and focus you need to make it happen.

✔️ Personal Brand - When you know who you are and what you bring to the title, you'll be unstoppable. We will get crystal clear on how you can best represent yourself.

✔️ Platform | Social Impact | Community Service - Get ready to take your community service efforts to a whole new level and create an AWESOME game plan for your year of service! 

✔️ Interview & Onstage Questions - It's no secret that pageants are won in the interview room. It's also critical that you nail your onstage questions. In this section, we will go through the various types of interview questions and how to answer them. You also get access to over 400 practice questions! 

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