Successful Professional Development Coach Launches Virtual Program for Teens and Young Adults

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

After witnessing the consistent success of her clients, Allison Walsh created the Savvy Girl Academy as a way to empower the next generation of female leaders.

Orlando, FL., Nov. 9 - Successful entrepreneur and professional development coach, Allison Walsh, has officially opened enrollment for the Savvy Girl Academy, the latest addition to her signature programs offered through Allison Walsh Consulting.

The ten-week virtual course is designed to empower motivated young women and teach them the skills they need to join the next generation of female leaders.

"It's critical for young women to have access to mentorship and coaching that propels them ahead in life and fully equips them to go after whatever opportunities they want in the future," Walsh stated. "During our time together, they will build their confidence, get clear on their goals, establish a stunning personal brand, learn how to articulate their message to the world, and create a strategy to market themselves appropriately in-person and online. The possibilities for their futures are literally endless and these valuable lessons will quickly take them to the next level."

A success and professional development coach to over 200 clients, Walsh saw an opportunity to share her results-driven curriculum with a larger audience in a virtual setting. She created an easy-to-use platform with videos and downloadable material in order to maximize the experience of her students. Each week there are live virtual instruction sessions from Walsh and her team of experts, where students can ask follow-up questions and gain additional advice and suggestions.

Now through November 15th, fast action bonuses are available for those that enroll early, including one-on-one personalized feedback on coursework by Walsh and two additional bonus trainings on resume and website design. Enrollment closes on December 15, and the program launches on January 4, 2021.

“My mission is to prepare teens and young adults with the skills they need to be successful not only today, but for years to come," Walsh stated. "This program is the culmination of over a decade's worth of coaching experience, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on those that experience it.”

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Allison Walsh, JD is a success and professional development coach for women. She has managed the personal and professional development for more than 200 clients in over a dozen states across the country. Her unique programs and services focus on goal setting and confidence building, developing her clients' personal brands, enhancing their communication skills, teaching them how to market themselves appropriately in-person and online, and empowering them to pursue exceptional opportunities for their future. Her clients' success is unparalleled and as a result of her mentorship and guidance, they have earned millions of dollars in scholarship assistance, created successful and sustainable nonprofit and for-profit companies, written books, launched podcasts, and earned prestigious opportunities and positions in companies across the country. For more information about Allison Walsh, please visit

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