Excited about joining a sorority, but freaking out about recruitment? Or perhaps you've already got it all together, but like to be as prepared as possible. Look no further!


Rush can be overwhelming... we know this from experience. We’ve gone through this process, spent some time on the other side and compiled the best advice from sorority leaders across the country to share with YOU!


We've got exclusive insight from 20+ women who know the in's and out's of rush better than anyone and they've come together to lend their BEST advice to those preparing for recruitment. Featuring wisdom from rush chairs, recruitment counselors & Panhellenic presidents at UF, FSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Mizzou, USC & UGA... just to name a few, this is a must read for any PNM! We won't lie -- the whirlwind of a week you’re about to experience can be stressful, but the much-deserved celebration on Bid Day will be well worth it.


No need to endlessly search Google, Pinterest and random blogs to find your answers --- we have everything in one place, among 60+ fabulous pages. The less you worry about the details, the more you will relax, enjoy the process and ultimately, achieve success. 


The guide is available for immediate download and delivered right to your inbox so you can get started right away! Let's do this.

Savvy Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment

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