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Are you ready to join the recruitment team?

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make money for yourself, your business or your organization while empowering AMAZING young women to be the best versions of themselves? 


Do you know of a young woman (or many young women) who would benefit from mentorship and coaching from an all-star team of accomplished, professional women with an expansive network of movers, shakers and money makers? 


Do you love connecting your friends with life-changing experiences that will benefit them FOREVER?


Are you a part of an organization, sorority or team that has members involved who would benefit from this incredible personal and professional development experience? 


Do you have an engaged social following, podcast or website that you could leverage to earn additional income before the end of the year?


Well, look no further! The Savvy Girl Academy has put together an amazing affiliate program to help you reach your financial goals while also giving young women the opportunity to uplevel their personal and professional development from world-class experts and coaches! It’s an easy way to make money and help amazing young women become the best versions of themselves! It’s a WIN WIN!


Want to learn more? Here’s how it works: By signing up to be a Savvy Girl Affiliate you have the opportunity to earn commission from each sale of the program that you are responsible for. We’ve set it up so that the more you sell, the more you earn. You can select where you want the money to go, and there is no cap on your earning potential. You’ll also learn awesome sales skills in the process from someone who has built incredible businesses over the years and runs a team that generates 7-figures in sales monthly! The transferable skills that you will take with you after your time on the Savvy Girl team are priceless! 


So, how much money can I earn?

Sales 1-3

Commission Percentage Earned: 20% 


Sales 4-6

Commission Percentage Earned: 25% 


Sales 7-10

Commission Percentage Earned: 30% 


Sales 11+

Commission Percentage Earned: 35%


So for example, if you sell 10 courses at the $697 rate, you would earn:

20% on the first 3 = $418.20

25% on sales 4-6 = $522.75

And 30% on sale 7-10 = $627.30


Your pay out would be $1568.25


AMAZING, right??? 


Still have questions? Let’s go through a few common questions we’ve had about the affiliate program:



I want to figure out who I can sell this to. Who is this program for? 

The Savvy Girl Academy is a premier experience designed to empower, support, and motivate the leading ladies of tomorrow! Savvy Girl Academy was created for young women who are looking for coaching and mentorship so they can build their confidence, get clear on their goals, establish a stunning personal brand, learn how to articulate their message to the world and market themselves appropriately in-person and online. There are 2 different tracks - one for teens and one for young adults. Participants will receive customized course work based on their age. If you have a potential student that is outside that age range that is super motivated, we can discuss their eligibility.

How long is it? 

The program is broken into 3 courses and is designed to last for 10 weeks. It will start January 4th and each week a new module is released to the students enrolled in the program.


There are “fast action” bonuses right now and if they choose the pay-in-full option:

For more information about the program, visit 


How do I get credit for my sale? 

Once you’re approved as an affiliate, you will be given a unique link to use to promote the Academy. When interested individuals click on the link, they will be “cookied” (essentially tracked) for 30 days, and when they purchase, your account will be credited and you will receive your commission.


What happens if they buy after the 30 days? 

We will also be asking them in the registration process how they heard about the program to double-check and make sure everyone receives the commission they deserve from being a part of the Savvy Girls Recruitment Team. If your link was not credited initially, we can override it in the system and pay you the appropriate commission. We appreciate you being a part of the team and you deserve to be paid for the work you’re doing.


How do I adjust the amount of commission I am earning as I start selling more programs? 

Once you hit the sales threshold for each level, you’ll send an email to us and we will adjust your commission % in the system. 


How long will I be able to earn a commission? 

This commission structure will be in place until Dec. 15th when enrollment closes (there are some AWESOME fast action bonuses right now so I highly encourage you to push sales early before they are not available). We are also planning a cyber Monday sales as well.


I’m planning on crushing sales. Are there any other bonuses? YES! Once we have all of our affiliates in place we will release the additional earning bonuses. And because we love a good competition, we will be awarding the Savvy Girls Recruitment Queen award at the end of the year in appreciation for all of your hard work! 


I’m a part of a sorority/group that has a lot of members that would be interested in this. Could we provide a group discount? 

Yes. Contact our team to discuss the details. They would have to pay in full because we need to make sure we have enough AMAZING coaches available for the breakout sessions and Q&A calls. We have multiple opportunities within the program to submit exercises for individualized feedback. We want to provide an exceptional student experience for each Savvy Girl enrolled in the course so we are mindful of how many Savvy Girls are assigned to each Savvy Girl Success Team member. 


How will I promote this?

Savvy Girl will provide you with graphics, verbiage and links to help you promote the program. Make sure you ALWAYS share YOUR link! 


The sky is truly the limit and we are SO PUMPED that you’re considering this opportunity. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please click below to fill out the registration form.

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