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It's time to #LevelUp your LinkedIn

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A fabulous LinkedIn profile is an absolute essential. Not only does in give you the ability to showcase your virtual resume to the world, but it enables you to grow a powerful network that can be a total game-changer for you! 

LinkedIn is the largest professional online networking platform in the world. Because LinkedIn wants to retain their position as a leading site, they are constantly working to ensure that their members are getting the most benefit out of their experience.


Their online presence is so powerful that even if you have your own personal website, your LinkedIn profile will likely trump it in an

online search. Many companies and recruiting agencies use LinkedIn specifically for hiring purposes, not just networking, so take advantage of it! Additionally, the network you build can help you in countless ways. Not only have I benefitted greatly thanks to this amazing platform, but I have also trained countless individuals on how to crush it on LinkedIn. In the last month alone, they've closed over $40,000 in sales thanks to LinkedIn!  

I can’t emphasize enough how pivotal it can be if you take advantage of the tools that are in front of you!


I’ve compiled 10 tips below to make sure you are maximizing this amazing tool to help you accomplish your goals on LinkedIn. Whether it’s finding a new career opportunity, building a strong network, or creating a strong pipeline of potential clients, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

If you love what you learn below, make sure to sign up for one of my LIVE LinkedIn Masterclasses! I limit the class size so that we can really focus on your needs and make sure you are set up to be a LinkedIn Superstar!

Let's do this! 

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Tips to #LevelUp your LinkedIn 

1. Details matter

You must proofread EVERYTHING. There are zero excuses for typos. Install plugins such as Grammarly to make sure you aren't publishing sloppy information. Remember, first impressions matter and if you have typos throughout your LinkedIn, you are tarnishing your personal brand and sending the wrong message to those that are viewing your profile. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you update your public URL so that it's your name. Click here to edit your link. This especially matters if you're going to include your LinkedIn profile address on your resume!


2. Stay current

Make sure that your profile is updated on a regular basis. The keywords used in your headline and within your profile should align with the positions you are seeking. Don't bog down your profile with every award you've ever received or club you've been a part of. Make your profile thorough, but relevant. 

3. Summary Magic

Your personal summary is an expansion of your headline and needs to highlight any relevant experience, awards, leadership opportunities, and specialties. Make sure you stick with either first or third person throughout.


4. Content is Key

You can add your own video files, pictures, and documents throughout your profile and in the summary section. For example, if you worked on a campaign, hosted a reputable event, or completed a video project that you’re exceptionally proud of, add the digital assets to the section on your profile that corresponds to your work.

5. No Selfies Allowed

Never, ever, ever use an unprofessional photo on LinkedIn. With smartphone cameras today, there’s no excuse to not have a nice, professional-looking photo as your profile picture. If you have a friend that’s a photographer, ask for a favor, or if you have a few extra dollars available, go to a local photographer. Keep the background simple (natural light is generally the best), dress professionally, and keep hair and make-up appropriate. You are 11 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you have a profile picture rather than a silhouette. Make sure what they are seeing is the best version of you! 

Pro Tip: You can also update the header image if you have a premium account! Choose a background image that complements your personal brand and style. Ideally this image should be a .jpg or .png and 1400x425 in size. You can create it on Canva for free!

6. Endorsements

Review areas in which you’ve been endorsed and those under your recommendations section. Surprisingly, there are options under endorsements that are unfavorable. LinkedIn allows you to edit and remove these areas. Also, anything you’ve been endorsed for should be accurate. Just like you shouldn’t lie on your resume, you shouldn’t be showcasing improper endorsements. 


If you don’t have any recommendations, which are reviews/testimonials about you, don’t be afraid to directly reach out to your contacts who have been privy to your work and request a recommendation. You can make the direct request through LinkedIn which will make it easier on them and increases your chances of it happening. These can act as glowing references-- without employers, clients or accounts even having to seek them out.

7. Build your Network

Connect with any and all appropriate contacts on LinkedIn. Expanding your network is critical to being found. Search for the companies that you are most interested in and connect with the appropriate contacts or follow their corporate page. If you are building out your connections to boost your leads, there are incredible tools that you can take advantage of that I share in my LinkedIn training course. If you are looking for quick and significant growth, one of my FAVORITE tools to use is Dux-Soup! I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of this tool. I was able to grow my network by over 3,000 QUALITY connections in 2 months. It’s incredible!

Pro Tip 1:

Default settings are boring. Update your message that appears when you send invitations to connect. You can connect with personalized messages at an accelerated rate if you are using Dux-Soup.

Pro Tip 2:

Download your connections! LinkedIn allows you to export them to a .csv file which will allow you to save their information. Click here to download yours!

8. Groups are Powerful

The amount of insight, connections, and relationships that can be formed through industry-specific groups should not be taken for granted. Find appropriate groups and join them today! Don’t be afraid to interact in discussions, but make sure you aren’t coming across as a desperate job seeker, too self-promotional, or spammy.

9. Intentional Interactions

If you want to stay relevant and connected, schedule 10 minutes of your day to comment on posts on your feed as well as in groups. Engaging on LinkedIn makes an incredible impact on the relationships you develop and the opportunities that come your way. 

Pro Tip: Send yourself a calendar invite at a regularly scheduled time so that you don’t forget. If you intentionally block time and focus on creating 5-10 meaningful interactions, you will be blown away with the results and not get too side-tracked during the process!

10. Use it to Your Advantage

The information you need to succeed is very likely at your fingertips. If you’re using it to find career opportunities, research the organizations you are interested in and the key players, especially if you have an interview scheduled! If you are using it as a way to develop more leads, the possibilities are truly endless thanks to impressive targeting! If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can upgrade your profile or sign up for Business or Sales Navigator to create lists that you can monitor and engage with regularly! 


Always remember, LinkedIn members can see if you are viewing your profile if you haven’t adjusted your privacy settings, so be mindful of where you are clicking.


Final Thoughts


Don’t underestimate the power of a quality LinkedIn profile. It can make all the difference! If you’re looking for additional ways to crush it on LinkedIn, contact me today


Let’s do this!

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