Michaela McLean

Miss Florida 2019

Allison is truly one-of-a-kind. It has been such an honor to have her as my mentor, Miss Florida sister, and interview coach for Miss America. She is a consummate professional. She is a boss babe, servant leader, and strategist. Everything she puts her mind to turns to gold. I am constantly learning and growing from her work ethic and example! 

Hannah Adams

Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen 2019

Allison is my mentor, role model, and friend. She not only guides you in competition preparation but also on keeping your head in the game and staying focused. She is uplifting with her words and gives honest constructive criticism. One of my favorite things she said to me throughout our time was “simply focus on being 1% better every day.” She helped me set goals, cultivate a personal brand, and make a plan for my year of service; it has been amazing to watch those plans play out. I believe that one of the greatest gifts in life is to have someone you look up to truly invest in you, and that’s exactly what Allison gave to me. I’m forever grateful for how she saw my potential and instilled confidence in me. Allison doesn’t tell you what you have to say, do, or act; she listens to how you want to do it and uses her experience to guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself! She is someone I continue to be inspired by and have in my life.

Dixie Fechtel

Mother of MaryKatherine (Top 10 at Miss America, former Miss FL & Miss FL OT) and Elizabeth Fechtel (Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2012)

“Allison helped develop the potential in both MaryKatherine and Elizabeth. Each one having different strengths, she identified the areas which needed work and improved their skills...from walking to interviewing, she had the knowledge and experience to make them shine. As a mentor to young women, you won’t find a better person to spend time with your daughters. She is a pleasure and makes it fun for everyone, even the parents!”

Jillian Tapper

Miss New York

"Allison's personality can be captured by the quote from Tom Peters, 'Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.' She is an outstanding leader, role model, and continues to be a shining light in my life. With Allison's guidance on developing a positive and effective personal and professional brand, I continue to strive to be the best version of myself as she is constantly motivating me through her own actions.

Allison's continued success has shown me and others what it means to be dedicated entirely to achieving one’s goals.  Allison's uplifting positive attitude and openness to innovative ideas only complements her unwavering sense of forward direction. I am a better person because of the positive impact that Allison has made on my life."

Valli Tapper

Mother of Jillian Tapper (Miss New York)

“I have known Allison for the past 10 years. Even before the pageants, she stood out as a role model to young ladies taking her baton and ballet lessons. As she developed their skill and grace, she was a natural motivator, encouraging them to dig deep, work hard and strive for perfection. She is fun, enthusiastic and has an infectious spirit of becoming all that you can be. As she has become the total package of wife, mother, law school graduate, and champion of eating disorders, she has carried in her wake many young ladies whom she has motivated and given the life skills and courage to strive to reach their own dreams. My daughter comes away from time she spends with Allison with drive and enthusiasm and a ‘take on the world’ attitude. Any young woman who is lucky enough to have Allison touch their life, will be equipped with the confidents and skills to forge their own path.”

Kristina Janolo

Miss Florida 2011

“Allison is my mentor and my friend. When I reflect on my year, I can honestly look at it with pride and no regrets because she inspired me to make the most of every single moment. She stressed to me the impact that the job of Miss Florida can have on one’s life. My year as Miss Florida has been the most fruitful year because of her guidance and I know that my future is so bright because of this amazing experience.”

Victoria Hernandez

"Allison has impacted my life in unimaginable ways. Working with Allison taught me to appreciate the woman that I am. She taught me to celebrate the negatives in life because they always lead to bigger and better things. She helped me develop my personal story, so that it could reach and impact the lives of anyone willing and able to hear it.  Words can't describe the newfound confidence I have had in myself to this very day after all that Allison invested in me. Allison is someone that I will look up to for the rest of my life. I pray that I become at least one half of the incredible woman that she is."

Amy Vance

“Allison has given me the confidence I need to go throughout the rest of my life and be successful. I have achieved goals I never saw possible. She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and truly find the real me. She taught me it’s okay to be me and that everyone is going to love me for me. Allison has also given me a forever friend and mentor. She is someone I could go to about anything and someone I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Olivia Stacey

“Although I was fairly new to pageants when I first started working with Allison, she helped me to realize my potential within the Miss America Organization. Together we found ways to accentuate my strengths and work on the necessary areas in preparation for Miss Florida 2012. Allison embraces the unique qualities of each of her clients, while sharing her own expertise in MAO and beyond. Not only does she have an impressive educational and professional background, but a spirit that helps you grow as a person. Working with Allison has been an absolute joy–her positive energy and “can do” attitude is contagious. Diplomacy, poise, and confidence are all life-long lessons that come with Allison’s consulting. These lessons will prepare you for more than pageants, they will prepare you for life. Allison has a heart of gold, and I’m proud to call her a mentor and friend.”

Danielle DiPatre

“Working with Allison Kreiger Walsh has been such a blessing. She is a wonderful role-model, mentor, and friend who is always inspiring me to work hard towards my dreams. Allison has opened my eyes to so many new ways to better myself and others. I have become even more passionate about my platform, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and becoming the next Miss Florida. I know that all of this knowledge and experience that I have gained from working with Allison will help me achieve all of my goals throughout the rest of my life. I am so honored to be her client and I cannot thank her enough for all of her love and support!”

Chris and John DiPatre

Parents of Danielle DiPatre

“We have seen a truly positive impact on our daughter’s life as a result of her work with Allison Walsh. Allison opened her eyes to the fact that she was applying for a job, not simply competing for a title. She provided very practical advice for platform development and service. Beyond pageantry, Allison’s lessons with Danielle will carry forward into her future career and lifelong work in the community. She has helped clarify our daughter’s thought processes and goals, helped her build on her strengths and has honestly assessed areas that need improvement. Allison is an amazing role model for women of any age, and we recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking to develop, improve, and become the best version of themselves.”

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