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How To Get Unstuck with Cynthia Garcia


Are you getting in your own way? Holding yourself back from achieving your DREAMS? Allowing your past to define you?

Queen, you deserve to thrive authentically and confidently as you evolve into your fullest self.

Cynthia Garcia shares her vulnerable past as a child of poverty, abuse, and addiction. Now a founder and CEO, Cynthia achieved the life of her dreams by rewriting story, and continues to inspire others to do the same. As the leading expert in the field of modern-day mindset, Cynthia is a trailblazer, leader, and inspiration born of her own personal history.

You are capable and deserving of achieving your greatest goals and wildest dreams...but you must be willing to explore uncomfortable change and do the work to make it happen.

Get inspired to rewrite those old stories and redefine your past, present, and future with me and Cynthia Garcia.

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Cynthia Garcia 00:00

Look at the things that have held you back. And then be willing to do the work to rewrite those old stories so that your past doesn't create your present, as well as your future. And that's where I come in.

Allison 00:18

Hello there and welcome to The She Believed She Could podcast. I'm your host Allison Walsh, I am so glad you're here. I'm a corporate exec, entrepreneur, coach and mom of three, who is obsessed with all things related to mindset, goal setting, and leveling up your personal brand so you can go after opportunities that you never even thought possible. I live by the philosophy that the whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. And I created this podcast to motivate and inspire you and give you actionable tips and advice for you to use as you chase and accomplish your goals. I've also had the chance to build an incredible network of successful leaders, entrepreneurs, impact makers and world changers, who will also be sharing knowledge and words of wisdom with you. Remember, No dream is too big if it's matched with ambition and action. Most importantly, I believe in you 1,000% And my goal is that you do too. So sit back relax and grab your favorite note taking device because it's time to fill up your mind and soul with positive vibes and advice to help you achieve your dreams. Now let's get to work.

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Today's guest is Cynthia Garcia. She is a founder and CEO, Best Selling Author, media personality and celebrity coach. Growing up she was bullied relentlessly and was told she would never amount to anything. But after overcoming a dysfunctional childhood filled with crippling poverty, abuse, addiction and mental health issues, she went on to become one of the most successful coaches in the world. Today she inspires others to rewrite their stories by being an example of what was possible when she rewrote her own. Cynthia is the leading expert in the field of modern day mindset. In addition to being the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, she is also the CEO and founder of The Modern Life Coach School. She is a co founder of The Unicorn Club, a private organization where the world's most successful women leaders come to collaborate, connect and cultivate the confidence to not apologize for their greatness. She is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history. She is happily married and has two kids and lives in Los Angeles and Portland. Please welcome to the show, Cynthia Garcia. Well, Cynthia, thank you so much for being on our show today. Would you mind introducing yourself to our audience? Sure.

Cynthia Garcia 03:25

It is such a pleasure, Allison, thanks for having me. So my name is Cynthia Garcia, and I'm the founder and the CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, which is a health and nutrition coaching certification school. And I'm also the CEO and founder of The Modern Life Coach School where we certify modern day life coaches.

Allison 03:45

I love this. We have a lot of coaches in our community. So I know they're already like fangirling over you. I'm really excited to hear from you. So I wanted to take it a step back though, because you have really transformed your life and inspired so many other people to do the same. So would you mind giving us a little bit more of your background and where you come from?

Cynthia Garcia 04:05

For sure. Yeah. And can I just say I love coaches. I love coaches. They are my heart like it's coaches have saved my life, coaching saved my life. And I don't say that flippantly. It's true. So just to put that out there love coaches. And the second thing that you asked about was just my story. So I grew up in an insanely dysfunctional home as a child. My father was an alcoholic and drug addict. My mom was bipolar and had some mental health challenges of her own. And so it was really tough growing up, you know, I suffered all kinds of abuse, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse, this started at the age of five, saw lots of just endured a lot of trauma. My father actually shot my mother in front of me. He shot at me, it was just just kind of the wild wild west in our homes, so I never quite I knew what to expect. And I always kind of walked around on eggshells trying to control the situation. Because if we can control it, we're safe, right? At least that's what we tell ourselves as children. And I ended up escaping through books. Allison, like just escaping through stories that I would find that would transport me to different lands and see new opportunities. Because, you know, I grew up in the southwestern tip of Virginia. So the Appalachian Mountains, coal mining, and I didn't see the worlds there, or the possibilities there that I found in these books. And so it gave me something to look forward to something to aspire to. And that was truly that lifeline that I had to hold on to, in order to get myself out of that situation I was in. So that's kind of how I grew up. I decided that this was not going to be my life, I decided that I would find a way out. I started working and saving money. At 14 years old, I finally got up enough saved to move to Los Angeles. It's funny, Alison, I went as far as I could get without leaving the country. Okay, I've hit the ocean, I need to stop. But here's the thing. I thought I thought I was so smart. Allison, I thought oh, my gosh, I did it. I did it. I got out like I am winning, Life is good. And I remember I drove out to the ocean. And I was sitting there and I'm watching the waves crash on the shore. And it's this beautiful set. And I just was like, Oh my gosh. And in that moment, I had such a heavy sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt nauseous. And I thought what is going on? Wait, I'm here, this is what I wanted. This is what. But I realized in that moment, that no matter where I went, there I was, I hadn't left anything behind. I just packed it all up and took it with me. And that put me on this downward spiral into, you know, the clubs of Los Angeles, the nightclub scene, I was working in the entertainment industry as a model and a television host. And that certainly didn't help. I was confronted with all of these, you know, body issues, developed an eating disorder, turn to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy things, hit rock bottom, decided that suicide was the only way out. And it was the night that I almost lost my life, that I found my way because I realized, in those that dark, desperate moment, gosh, what if this, all of these things haven't been happening just to punish me for something or just because I don't deserve? But what if they've been happening so that I could find a way through it and help other people just like me, right? People struggling just like me, people hurting just like me, people who've had these traumatic experiences, they've never been able to be able to overcome just like me, what if I could figure that out. And so that's why I say it was coaching that really saved my life. And that put me on the coaching path, I was able to really rewrite my old stories that were holding me back, resolve that trauma through doing so. And then script a new narrative of the life I wanted to create. And that's what essentially brings us here together today. So I know that was a bit long. But that's been the journey.

Allison 08:25

I appreciate your story so much. And I know so many of our listeners do too. And, you know, we you and I both share a lot of similarities. Yeah, the struggle, right. Like we found our passion through something that at the time felt like it was the absolute worst experience that we could be going through and asking yourself all of the whys. Why am I going through this? Why me? Why was this my story? Why why why right. And I think at some point, you have your rock bottom, you experienced it, I experienced it so many others do. Where you're forced to make a decision, like, is this going to define me for the rest of my life? Or is this going to be the fuel that catapults me to be able to number one, change my life, but also changed the lives of others. And you've been able to do this, you've done so many wonderful things, work with amazing clients, created your own way of doing things to which I always love a woman that creates her own lane. So like, Yes, I love it. But let's talk about now like what you help people do because you talked about your story, right? And you talked about the stories that we all tell ourselves, right? And that's so important. So can we just spend some time here because I think that there's so much value and wisdom that you can impart on our audience. And I would love for them to hear more about your advice when it comes to kind of rewriting that narrative and really taking ownership of the new story that we can write for ourselves.

Cynthia 09:48

Sure, sure. Well, I think the first step in doing that is to realize that you don't have to hit rock bottom. You know, you don't I mean, you and I both have had similar journeys where we really did come to this tipping point, some might call it a breaking point. And it's like, Okay, now that I'm here at rock bottom, what do I decide to do? But you don't have to do that, I want to be really clear on that. At any time, you can just say, I don't really like the direction my life is going, I think I'll change it, you can do that at any time. So I think that's the first step. The second step is being willing to, like, really look at what it is that you want, I think so often, we tend to look at other people's success or other people's definition of success. And we think, oh, gosh, I shouldn't I should want what Allison has, look at her, she's killing it, you know, look at she has this amazing life. She's this beautiful woman, she has this amazing business, this awesome community, I want that. But do you really? Or do you want it because you want the lifestyle that this this affords Allison, because if that's what it is, you can do it in a totally different way. So I think it's really important next, to get clear on what you want. The other thing from there, step number three, if you will, is to look at the things that have held you back. And then be willing to do the work to rewrite those old stories, so that your past doesn't create your present, as well as your future. And that's where I come in. So I really help people to rewrite these hidden stories that keep them stuck, so that they can become self made. I don't mean just money, but becoming the person, the woman, the man, the person that you want to be. And then creating a life and business if you choose. That's so juicy, you're only jealous of yourself, you know, those days of scrolling through the gram and being like, Ooh, I want what she has. I want you to do that for yourself. Right? There's this quote, and I don't know where it originated from, if anyone knows, let me know who to credit this to It wasn't me. But I'll paraphrase. It's something along the lines of on your Hell is the definition of hell. So Hell is on your last day on earth, the person that you became, meets the person you could have become. And I think about this every day, like literally every single day, and I want those people to be twins. Allison, I want us to be like, Oh, hey, I know you. I know you, right? I don't want them to not even know each other. And to be like, who are you? What, what did you do, right. And so I do this through a process called the Stuck Story coaching method. That's the primary method. And then there's others built in kind of around and underneath that. But that's essentially what I help people to do.

Allison 12:39

Oh, my gosh, I could just stay here and marinate and all of this, right? So here's, here's the thing, too. I mean, I love the fact that, you know, once you identify your definition of success, right, that becomes almost like your North Star. And, and I loved what you said, because I think we can so easily get caught up in somebody else's definition that we forget to even write our own. And when you do that, you're you're exactly what you said is is true, you're going to end up chasing somebody else's dream, when that really wasn't what was intended for you. And I love that. That way of thinking about it. Because you don't want it to be different. You want to live up to your full potential, you want to allow yourself to evolve into the person you are intended to be somebody else's copycat version, right, or imitation. And I think you know, and I'm sure you feel this way, too. But I mean, when we were younger, right? Like, Instagram wasn't really the thing, right? It was, it wasn't a thing, right? Exactly. Didn't fit into us too much later in life. But especially for the younger generation, that is what they're seeing or seeing everybody else's highlight reel, when they don't necessarily understand what they want for themselves yet. It's really easy to be like, I want that. And you got to give yourself the time, energy and space to really think about what does success mean to you? And how do you create the life that supports it, and I love your line about you know, make your life so great that you're jealous of yourself. But it's true. And it's so easy to get caught up in everything else and other people's opinions, too. I think that's another layer. It's not just, you know, our own definitions that need to be defined. It's also giving ourselves permission to kind of give ourselves the space and time and energy to do us first and worry about other people's opinions. Hopefully never.

Cynthia Garcia 14:25

Yeah, like, just don't I mean, it was it was Eleanor Roosevelt, who said you would be far less concerned with what people thought of you if you realized how seldom they did. People, for the most part, are not thinking about you. They're thinking about themselves, right? We're so caught up in our own trauma and drama these days. And if I do see a post of yours, Allison and I take a cheap shot at you. So be it, it has nothing to do with you. Absolutely nothing. It has everything to do with the other person. Right. So I think that's important and just this idea of worrying about what people will think. So I have a coaching tip that I'll share with you just the way I look at it. And I teach my students and coaches how to do that. And it evolves around Pluto, you know the planet, right or not a planet. But that's my point. There's all these people like Oh, Pluto, it's a planet Pluto should be a planet now Pluto is not though it's doesn't qualify. It's not Pluto doesn't give a shit. Like Pluto. Can I say shit? My language barrier is your Pluto doesn't care. Pluto is just up there. Spinning and doing its thing it's being Pluto doesn't care if you think it's a planet or a star or a donkey. It doesn't care. So let's all be more like Pluto. Right? Who cares what other people say just do you show up and do you?

Allison 15:46

Organized, motivated and inspired, I highly recommend that you check out the she believes she could planner, we have it in 90 days. And 365 days ready for you to take action and keep yourself on track as you chase and accomplish your dreams. It's available on Amazon right now or check out the link in the show notes guy because she believes she could planner right now.

I love this. So no, I hope everybody listening is just saying yes, I agree. I think we go through different seasons to where you can start to question yourself more than others. Or whenever there's transition or change or something new, it can be really easy to allow self doubt to creep in. So any advice for the audience when it comes to that

Cynthia Garcia 16:35

100%. So that's where going back and rewriting your old stories that are keeping you stuck really comes into play. And your old stories can be likened to limiting beliefs. And I know we've all heard about limiting beliefs, we've all done the work to try to get unstuck. And yet we find ourselves stuck. Still, we're like, I would have, what's going on, I've done this work before what's happening. And so what I've really dedicated, I mean, it's essentially I say I've done this work since I was born because they constantly have rewritten my stories. And I would do that to get out of the trauma and drama that I was in every day, it was very much a survival mechanism. Now I see how I can use that in a proactive way. So at any point again, you don't have to hit rock bottom. It's about taking control of the things that have happened to you. And the stories that you told about it. So we all tell stories, and it's very natural. It's the way our brain works, something happens. And you make up a story to explain it. Right. And that's it. So if someone cuts you off in traffic, you might say, Oh, that guy is such a, is crazy, who does he think, you know, but maybe that person's rushing his child to the hospital because they're an anaphylactic shock, right? You don't know. But you gave it this story, or something happens when you're young and you think, Gosh, I really should quiet down, you know, you have learned this lesson, my mom, my dad, someone got on to me for being too loud, right? doing too much. I got a comment down and we write this story that if I'm me, if I'm loud and rambunctious and my true self, then people won't like me, I'll be told to shush. So let me just do that now. So we all have all of these stories. And so what I created was a process using neuroscience and narrative psychology, two of the most powerful things when it comes to mindset and changing your brain and therefore changing your results that exist. And I put it together in this five step method that I can walk you through if you want, called the Stuck Story coaching method so that you can go back rewrite the old stories that have kept you stuck, and use them to leverage creating the future that you want. Does that make sense?

Allison 18:39

Absolutely. And you're not gonna dangle those diamonds and then not give them to us?

Cynthia Garcia 18:44

Alright, so sure, so the Stuck Story coaching method is an acronym because I don't know about you, Allison, but my brain is like, I love myself a good acronym. Like if I can have something to keep track of all the craziness going on up here like yes, yes, yes. So the acronym is S.T.O.R.Y. And the first S I'll go through this quickly, because it's quite intense and extensive, but let me give you the Reader's Digest. So S is stuck. So where are you stuck in your life? What is it that you want, but you don't yet have? It could be, you know, you've been trying to lose some weight, could be you're been trying to eat healthier, could be you've been trying to make more money in your business, you've been trying to get more clients, maybe you've been trying to put yourself on Instagram more, right? Whatever it is, where are you stuck? What is it that you want, but you can't quite seem to get? T is the belief and this is where we uncover that deep seeded limiting beliefs around why you don't have what it is that you want, right? So it might be that you know, I can't make more money in my business, because that's a fill in the blank technique that I use with clients here. So whatever that thing is that you're stuck on that you say you want, but you can't quite get. Why do you believe that you can't, so I can't lose weight because I can't make more money in my business, because I can't get more clients, because it could be I will because I don't know Allison's brilliant marketing techniques, or I'm just not a good enough coach or whatever, right? Those are all just stories that we've deduced from the things that have happened from the events that have been happening. So once you get this belief, and for some coaches, since we talked to a lot of coaches, the big belief I see coming up is I'm just not good enough. I'm just not good enough yet. And so I see them Allison, I wonder if you see this, too, getting more education, more titles after their name, taking the next program by the neck, and you're like, oh, my gosh, girl, you don't need a new program, you need a new story. That's what you need. And so what is that belief, and then O, is for the origin of that belief. So we want to go all the way back. And ideally, we get to an age before eight, right, that prefrontal cortex really develops and sets in that you first had this, this belief, right? This belief of I'm not good enough, right. So I'll tell you really quickly one of mine. For me, it was my eighth birthday, I'll make this really short. And I was so excited, Allison, and we were very, very poor. I didn't have running water in my house, we had an outhouse we had to use, we had to drive to a spring to get drinking water and take a bath in that water, because we just didn't have any any money at all. And so my eighth birthday, I knew that I wasn't going to get like this big party and presents and all the things I do for my daughter now. But I thought, Gosh, they'll say something. And I kept waiting. And the whole day went by, nothing. So at the end of the day, and it was getting dark outside, I got the courage up and I went to my mom and I said, do I have a present. It was just all I could think of in my eight year old mind to blurt out. And she looked at me and said, Well, why would you have a present? And I said, Oh, because because it's my birthday. And she looked at me with the look, I'll never forget and a little smirk just deadpan with a little smirk on her lip. And she said, so.

Cynthia Garcia 21:55

And I wrote a story in that moment, that was my origin story of, I'm not special, and I don't deserve anything. You know, if your mom, forgets your birthday, or tells you to your face it is not important. You're like, Well, I must not matter. You know, I don't matter. I'm not good enough. So what is that story for you the very first time you can remember that belief, the T, right? The belief, go back to the time that was written. And then the R is okay, now that we know what happened, that origin event and stories I call it the inciting incident, right? You get to rewrite your story. That's what the R is. So you get to tell a new story about the thing that happened. And you get to adopt a new belief. So my story I told them was I'm not good enough, right. And I paired some deep emotions of hurt, and pain and disappointment with that. And I stored that in my amygdala and hippocampus so that I could pull that back at any time and remind myself that I'm not good enough, you know. And so basically, when you go back and you rewrite it, I go back and I say, Okay, what's, what's the event that happened? What's the explanation I gave it? What's the emotion, I felt, this is really important, because that's the beliefs equation, the event that happened, the explanation, I gave it, the emotion that I felt that results in a belief, your belief controls your life, they determined your past, they're determining your present, and they will create your future if you let them. People say your thoughts create your your, your your lives, they don't your thoughts do not create your reality, we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, if it did, we'd be running around like wild people. It's your beliefs, right? And the difference is that that formula, the event that happened, the explanation and the emotion, that it's registered in your body, that when you believe that story, again, you're triggered and immediately feels this is how your brain trains itself to keep you safe. Right. So now I can go back and I can look at this beliefs equation, and I can say, well, the event that happened was, it was my birthday. And it wasn't celebrated. That's really what happened. Right? That's really all that happened. My mom said So, that's all that happened. So if I give it a new explanation that says, gosh, you know, I actually know that my mom's mom was never really there for her. I know that she was abandoned. They were homeless for part of her life. And man, this must be really hard for her. Like she doesn't even know right? If you knew better, you do better, she didn't know better. So now the emotion I feel is sadness. You know, man, I wish my mom would have had a better life. And that transforms that story. Now, it doesn't have to be a happy ending. Spoiler alert, they won't all be and if you can't get to a better version of that. Just remember, as Dr. Maya Angelou would say, you ain't even in it. You ain't even in it. It's what you and I were talking about earlier with other people's opinions of us has nothing to do with you that thing you could have been in a body right? It's about the other person I'm gonna have nothing to do wasn't about me. The reason my mom reacted that way. It was all about her. Right? So the point is, you get to write a story now that serves you. And then finally, the last part is Y which is where you form your new Identity identity is crucial, right? One of my friends and amazing experts, Tom Bilyeu, says, the most important, like one of the most important things you can do is change the story. You tell yourself about yourself. And then when you do that you can create a new identity, right? And this identity could be anything you want, like Kobe had the Black Mamba, you know, Muhammad Ali was, you know, the, the, the greatest in the world, so on and so forth. Basically, what you do is you look at the person who has the thing that you said you wanted and the S where you're stuck, you said, I want this thing, the person that already has it, adopt that identity. So how does that person wake up in the morning? What do they do when they wake up? What do they do when things go sideways? What do they do when they're just having a really shitty day? And they just don't want to do anything? What do they do when someone attacks them on social media and calls them names, right? You show up as if you're already that person, your brain will rewire? It'll be like, oh, oh, okay. Oh, Allison, is this part got it, and then it will act accordingly. Now, the reason that's so important, Allison, is that now before where you're like, Well, gosh, I'm stuck at this thing. I don't know how to get from here to there, your brain won't think like the old you, it'll think like the new you. And you're gonna start to come up with ideas and concepts and see new ways forward, that you never would have seen being your old self because your old identity was stuck, right? So through this story, this five step process, and I know that was the Reader's Digest version of it. This is everything. Like if people knew this, I was talking to Dr. Joan Rosenberg at Pepperdine last week, and we were going through this material. And I say, God, if people knew this, they would change their entire life, everything would change. And she's like, I know, I know. So anyways, I get super fired up teaching this because I've just seen what's possible with it.

Allison 26:52

Well, and I love it. And I do appreciate a good acronym. So thank you. And this is a beautiful framework to use and the next time and I really, really, really hope that everybody listening right now is taking like crazy notes. And I sure was of all the things, but I want to make sure that everybody listens to this. Because if you don't go back and really identify it, and I love what you said about the belief, because you're so right. People always attribute the thoughts. It's the beliefs, it's what you're holding at your core, it is the fight or flight. It's all of those things that get triggered, and you have to change it. And you know, it is possible 100% possible to rewrite the story. And I love the advice you said as show up as that next version of yourself, right? Like own it, claim it, be it, embody it, do everything that you need to be it because otherwise, you're shortchanging your own potential. And we don't like that. We don't like to play small round here. So

Cynthia Garcia 27:43

why would you do that? And I do think it's important to note that I know there's a lot of work around identity, you know, with narrative psychology and that whole field. But, the place that I see people getting stuck in this and not getting it right is they don't rewrite the stories. First, you cannot create a new identity until you rewrite the old stories that have kept you stuck, your brain literally won't let you. Because every time you try to be the identity that you want to be your brain is going oh, Allison, don't be silly. That's not you, right? Remember that thing? Remember this belief. Remember this story that's not you, and literally won't be able to adopt a new identity. So you have to be the first to create the second.

Allison 28:18

Well, I love this. And Cynthia, thank you so much for all of the wisdom that you shared today. And if people want to learn more about you or get in touch with you or work with you, where should they go? What should they do?

Cynthia Garcia 28:28

Yeah, so I think the first step I would encourage everyone to take is to go to my website, I have what I've seen over the years of working with dozens and dozens of women is that there's really five basic stories that we have just kind of these root stories. And to find out what yours is I created an assessment. So you can go and take it. It's just So Cynthia And when you go through that it's a super quick quiz. It's great if you're building a business, because it'll show you what you're great at. And then it'll say this not so much. But it'll give you really powerful personal branding tools that you can put into your business. So if you're a business woman business guy, I highly encourage you to do that just for that value. And then after you go through that I walk you through a training on how to rewrite that story. Now, now that you know what yours is, how do you rewrite it? And so I shared this next story with you. But there's one called the short story coaching method, which is like in that moment when you're on Instagram and you're like, what would they think it's designed for that for those quick moments where those little doubts those little Gremlins enter in, so you can rewrite them in the moment and then keep on going. So again, all that's it Cynthia story. I'm on Instagram. I am Cynthia Garcia on all the socials except Twitter. I am Cynthia Garcia.

Allison 29:51

Awesome. Well, I would love one more piece of advice. We'd love to ask all of our guests that come on who else should we be following or reading?

Cynthia Garcia 29:59

Gosh Such a good question. So I would say Lisa Bilyeu, Women of Impact, I know yet right? We love Lisa and her husband Tom. Impact Theory. I just think there's such a power combo very different approaches, but I love them both. And then a third because I think mindset work is so critical and so important. There's a podcast called The Mindset Coach with Sean Croxton, full disclosure. He's a friend of mine. But he breaks down the brain science of how to change your life in the most simple, basic ways that you can take and really run with it. So those would be three that I would recommend. Well, we

Allison 30:37

love them, we will link them in the show notes. Thank you so much, Cynthia, for being on today. This was a true pleasure.

Cynthia Garcia 30:43

Thanks for having me, Allison. And thanks for sharing me with your wonderful audience.

Allison 30:48

I don't know about you, but I am lit up I am inspired. I am motivated, and I am going to be confidently chasing my dreams in 2022. I hope you are as well. I hope that you love today's episode, please subscribe to the show. That would be amazing so that you get alerts as soon as New episodes come out. And if you would leave us a five star review. That would be incredible. Because that helps more people find our show. We are investing so much time, energy and effort into being able to give you the best experience possible. And this allows more people to have that experience too. So please share the love. Again. Thank you so much for tuning in. Today we're going to keep the conversation going over on Instagram at Allison Walsh. And of course you can check out all kinds of great offerings that we have going on for you at Allison Walsh If you're not already a part of this, she believes she could community on Facebook. This is your invitation to get in there. Now. Introduce yourself start engaging in the group. We would love to support you. If you're looking for a step up. We've got the society it's only $29 a month we would love to welcome you in there as well. And of course, if you're interested in one on one mentorship, please submit a contact form through the Allison Walsh consulting site. I would love the chance to get to know more about you and help you accomplish your goals and dreams. Until next time, remember I believe in you 1,000% And my goal is that you do to take care beautiful and talk to you soon. Bye.


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