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The Launch Your Personal Brand Package 

Includes initial consult + 2, 30-minute coaching sessions per month with ongoing support between sessions to assist with bringing your brand online and ultimately scale your presence over the course of 6 months.


Allison will also personally spend at least 2-3 hours researching your target audiences and competitors in order to help define positioning as well as identify additional opportunities. You may also request that the time purchased be allotted to specific deliverables, in which AWC would bill against the package and deduct from the remaining hours.


Areas of Focus: Establish a stunning personal brand, build a loyal audience and share your beautiful message with the world 

  • Audit all available content and materials, and define areas of focus and key themes/messaging that support the upcoming book release

  • Define Ideal Customer(s) and niche

  • Define Brand

  • Research competitors and engage with potential influencers/collaborators

  • Assist graphic designer with creating personal website online in accordance with defined brand standards and goals

  • Provide guidance on social profiles creation and theme

  • Create a social strategy and cadence

  • Create and assist with outbound strategy and seek out opportunities (speaking, writing, contributing, etc.)

  • Mindset and confidence-building techniques

  • Public speaking preparation and practice

  • ...and much, much more!


If additional hours are requested, you may renew your package at your reduced hourly rate.


Access to the AWC Professional Network

I absolutely love the professionals that I work with and can’t wait to connect them with you too! Whatever your needs are, we will make it happen!

Launch Your Personal Brand Package (PLATINUM)

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