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Ask Me Anything with Jordan Thorp

I was absolutely thrilled to get the request from Jordan Thorp to be on her show, “In All Kinds of Weather.” As an alumna of the University of Florida and a fellow Miss UF, I have tremendous pride for the Gator Nation! After the interview, I asked Jordan if I could share her interview with The She Believed She Could audience and she said YES!

I am so proud of this young woman and all that she does, so I hope you follow her journey as well and support her efforts (@miss_uf, @jordanelizabeththorp and @jordan4smiles on IG and

She’s UNDENIABLY a mover and a shaker. Her life’s mission is to help others find their voice and their confidence through smiles, speech, and service. She’s been an avid volunteer and fundraiser since she was a teen. She’s contributed millions back to the global economy as a result of her work with cleft lips and palates. She’s traveled the nation with her organization, The Smile Team, and globally with Smile Train. Her future is SO bright and her energy is infectious.

I love the timeliness of the topics we discussed and I was happy to share how I’ve pivoted during the pandemic and how I’ve remained positive during all of the chaos.

I hope you tune in to hear more - I love having the chance to contribute words of wisdom and appreciate Jordan letting me share this interview with The She Believed She Could audience.

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And as always, I believe in you 100% and my goal is that you do too! 



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