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BOSS LADY SPOTLIGHT: How a Venture Capitalist Took a Leap of Faith

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to Laura Walker. Laura is a globally-minded thought leader who has successfully worked at the intersection of entertainment and finance for over ten years. Laura is a strong advocate for building community and trust within the entertainment and finance industries.

In 2020, she launched MADRE VENTURES which provides investment capital and strategic support to early-stage and mid-cap enterprises that are solving significant social, environmental, and technological challenges – profitably. The fund’s central thesis is, “What would it look like to help one billion people?” and it seeks to support that thesis through the verticals of green energy, mindful technology, and social justice.

In addition to MADRE VENTURES, Laura is the co-founder and CEO of AG Capital, a fund that focuses on the advancement of culture by way of world-class creators, impactful storytelling and unique live events. Founded in 2015 AG Capital has financed projects for Brad Pitt and Plan B (MOONLIGHT, WORLD WAR Z, 12 YEARS A SLAVE), Rob Siegel (THE WRESTLER, THE FOUNDER), Beau Willimon (HOUSE OF CARDS) amongst others. Prior to all of this, Laura was a film finance agent at Creative Artists Agency. From 2007-2014, which was a pivotal time for a burgeoning class of independent financiers, she had the privilege of representing and structuring deals for a bastion of funds; among them were companies like Annapurna, 2929 Entertainment, Silver Reel Entertainment, and FilmNation.

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Major Timestamps:

1:52 – Introduction of Laura Walker Lee – founded Madre Ventures and AG Capital

2:20 – The early years of Laura’s career and the steps she took to be in the entertainment industry 4:27 – What really caused Laura to take that leap of faith and start her own businesses

5:51 – The statistic that inspired Laura to start her own venture capital

6:42 – The unexpected challenges of independently running a business

8:17 – What Laura extremely appreciates in her new career

8:53 – The realization that caused Laura to grow as a person

10:13 – Laura’s advice for people who are contemplating to switch careers

11:15 – Podcasts and books highly recommended by Laura

13:57 – Platforms to connect with Laura

Major Quotes: 9:27 – Self-care and self-exploration gives way to an inner voice and an intuition.

9:39 – If you just stop, pause and take a moment, your body, spirit, and mind are already telling you what you’re supposed to do.

10:23 – Perfection will keep you from doing things you really want to do.


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