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Boss Lady Spotlight: How Cynthia Johnson became a global entrepreneur, influencer, and author

I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to Cynthia Johnson. She is a global entrepreneur. She's a marketing professional author and keynote speaker. She has traveled the world and spoken to audiences globally. She's the co-founder of Bell + Ivy, which is a marketing and PR firm in Santa Monica, California in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She's been listed as a top personal branding expert in 2017 by Entrepreneur and one of the top 50 marketers on Snapchat by Mashable. She's also been a contributing columnist to Entrepreneur and has had work published in Forbes, Time, and several other industry-specific publications. She is a total boss lady.

She wrote one of my favorite books called "Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding." During the interview, Cynthia shares her climb to the top and how she launched her successful PR and Marketing agency, Bell + Ivy. She gives poignant advice regarding who you should seek feedback from, what you should look for in a business partner, and some of her unexpected wins along the way.

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As always, my goal is to help you create a beautifully packaged personal brand and share your message with the world by teaching you how to define, communicate, and market yourself in person and online. It’s time to elevate YOU! Let’s get to work.


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