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How ESPN's Laura Rutledge Navigated Her Career, Embraced Femininity, and Overcame Perfectionism

I am so excited to introduce you to the phenomenal Laura Rutledge. She is the host of ESPN’s NFL news and information show, NFL Live, and SEC Networks' SEC nation. I am so grateful that the Miss Florida organization brought us together and I'm thrilled to have the chance to interview her on the show.

In today's episode, we're going to discuss all of the super valuable lessons she's learned on her climb to the top of the sports broadcasting world. She's going to share how she created unbelievable opportunities for herself along the way, how her rise to the top was definitely not linear, and how she's learned to lean into her femininity while embracing the whole concept of not having to be perfect all of the time. This episode is packed with really valuable information. Most importantly, I can’t wait for you to meet her! She is an amazing person, and so down to earth. And I am so honored to call her one of my friends.

Memorable Moments: 14:01: I finally just decided that I'm going to just be who I am.

14:29: It's not like you can just snap your fingers and say, "let me just push all the anxiety aside and just be myself on TV." It's not that easy, you know? It takes time. It takes experience, but just not being so hard on yourself and understanding that people will extend you grace.

19:54: One of the things that I've figured out is that by showing up every day and by continuing to try to handle myself with class and to set the best example that I can, hopefully in some way, just my presence alone, being a woman, being a mother, being a wife, on TV, having a family, I'm hoping that that helps the next generation. Follow Laura: Connect with Allison: Download your 2021 Goals Workbook:


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