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How teen entrepreneur, Kayley Klatt, launched her agency at the age of 17

In this episode, Allison interviews Kayley Klatt, a 17-year-old entrepreneur who started her own digital marketing agency to help clients manage their brands online.

Episode Notes Allison speaks with Kayley Klatt about her growth as a young business owner. They discuss the best strategies to begin and manage a business and share how it feels to be a part of that process. Kayley talks about how important social media can be to newer businesses. She continues by explaining how her business' rapid development led to many important lessons in ownership and time management.

Kayley emphasizes how important it is to take risks in the business world because it's the only way to learn what can help or hinder your success.


  • How to grow your own business

  • Why adopting a YOLO mindset could positively impact your life

  • How to have clients yet still build your own brand

  • APPS to utilize for brand building

  • Top 4 tips on starting your own business

  • Progress and techniques within growing your own business


  • How Kayley started a business at 17 and what drove her to do so

  • Kayley’s top 4 tips on starting your own business

MEMORABLE QUOTES 11:13: "You don't have to recreate or start from scratch, you just have to be comfortable with being visible and sharing your message with the world." -Allison, on starting and growing a business. 13:59: "Life is so short, you only live once, and if you do it right, there are no problems, you know?" -Kayley, on her ideology for chasing goals.

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