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Interested in podcasting? Here's everything you need to get started

Did you know there are over 2,000,000 podcasts? It’s one of the best ways to get in front of your ideal clients and build your beautiful brand and influence! Since launching my first podcast in 2020, it's generated incredible leads for my business, connected me with awesome ideal clients and significantly increased the revenue coming into my agency. It's also been a TON of fun and I've absolutely LOVED connecting with so many amazing guests. There are quite a few things I wish I would've known before I started podcasting, so I wanted to create a helpful list for you so you can be a podcasting queen from the get-go!

Whether you’re thinking about starting a podcast, or if you’re wanting to boost your brand, influence, and opportunities by being a guest on other people’s shows, there are a few things you can do right now to make you stand out from rest. I've included a list below and also made a helpful checklist for you to download.


Whether you’re starting your own show or sharing your advice and story on other’s shows, the first thing you need to do is get clear on who or what you’re trying to attract. Who are your ideal clients and what are they listening to? Make sure you're crystal clear so you’re not wasting your time and energy. I've created a helpful workbook that you can download here to help you target your audience 🙌🏼.

Once you know who you're targeting, it's time to get clear on your story and get comfortable sharing it! Whether you are a host in the making or looking to be a guest, you MUST know how to share who you are, what you do and why the audience should keep listening. If you need any assistance with learning how to share your story with confidence and ease, check out this quick training.


The next consideration is your equipment. I can’t stress this enough. I skimped early in my podcasting career and it’s definitely something I regret! The sound quality is significantly improved when you invest in a great microphone. You don’t have to go overboard, and I promise, it’s worth every penny. Put it up on the top of the list next to a solid internet connection because you’ll sound better and more professional with every word you say.

The first mic I used was the Blue Yeti and now I have a Shure mic and LOVE it! I also highly recommend a mic stand so that the mic is not on the desk or table that your computer is on. I talk with my hands and noticed that any time I then put them back on my desk, the mic was picking up the sound. I leave mine all set up on a small table next to my desk and love the retractable arm feature that I can move in and out as needed.

I also use a few tools to help reduce noise and boost clarity. The Cloudlifter bundle with mic cords and the Scarlett Solo are a perfect addition to your podcasting tools that will ensure that all audio is crisp, clear, and professional.

If you’re concerned about the mic picking up any audio echo, you’ll also want headphones to mitigate that issue. There is a wide range of headphones available, so feel free to splurge!

Nowadays a lot of podcasters are also repurposing the video that is captured via zoom, so I would operate under the assumption that some visual component will show up elsewhere. A lot of times the episodes are ending up on Youtube or IGTV. If this is something you’re considering doing for your own show or you think might be a possibility for the shows you want to be on, do yourself a favor and buy a ring light.

There really is NO better way to make yourself look better on camera than with great lighting. The other option is to find a place in your home or office that is by a window. You will need to place your computer in front of you as you FACE the window to let the natural light hit your face. Do not sit with your back to the window as you will have shadows. I’d still consider ordering a ring light kit though just in case you won’t always have great natural lighting. Plus, this kit comes with an attachment for your phone which means your phone pics, videos, reels, and lives will look AMAZING too!


If you’ll be editing your show and want to edit the video + the audio at the same time, I recommend Camtasia or Descript! I have used these since the beginning and once the video version is done, I export audio only to be uploaded into my podcasting platform. I then create a duplicate file and chop up the episode into mini clips that I can use for social promotion.

Show notes and transcripts are also necessary, especially if you're focused on SEO. You can use services like which costs about $1/minute to transcribe an episode. The other option is to use the transcription function in Descript (just another reason why I LOVE this platform). It's awesome because it’s easy to make the minor tweaks that you’ll need to with a raw transcription file because it plays the audio as you go. It’s also easy to grab the time stamps for your “memorable moments” or quotes from the show to use on social. It saves me a bunch of time and money! They are constantly improving the platform and have also rolled out additional tools for video editing and podcasting! Check it out!

Once your episode is edited, you'll need to upload it to your hosting platform of choice. Pretty much all of them distribute your show to all of the major platforms automatically once you've completed set up. I've used Simplecast for both of my shows and appreciate the insight I get from the show analytics. Regardless of platform, make sure you are consistent so your audience knows when to expect your next episode!


If you’re creating your own show, or if you’re a guest on someone else’s show, you have to promote it! It’s an awesome way to build your brand and credibility, so don’t miss this opportunity! I use Canva for ALL of my design needs. Everything from podcast cover art to social media graphics and quote cards, to the IGTV and Reels templates, are created in Canva! You want as many people to listen to your show/episode as possible so PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE!


If you’re looking for additional shows to be on, or if you’re in search of great guests, definitely check out Podmatch. It’s a matchmaker platform for podcasters and guests. This is a great way to put yourself out there and find new opportunities! It lets you tailor who and what you're looking for and serves up great suggestions! It's worth the investment and will help you avoid the scramble to find good opportunities.

If you’re pitching yourself to be on someone’s show, another great way to keep everything super professional and on-brand is to have a media kit and topics clearly outlined. Hosts also love suggested questions and a bio with preferred links they can use for show notes (I created mine in Canva).

The easier you make it on them, the more likely they are to say YES! Also, when you pitch them, make sure it’s tailored to their show and you highlight why their audience will love it. Nothing is worse than getting a “cold” pitch email with no personalization or attempt to demonstrate that they know what your show is all about.


When it’s time to record, PLEASE make sure you’re in a quiet room, preferably one that doesn’t echo and turn all notifications on your phone and laptop on silent. If you can plug directly into your internet connection, that would be ideal! Keep your computer on a steady surface and use the mute/unmute function if needed to minimize distracting noise in between questions and responses. Remember that every time you put yourself out there, it’s YOU that you’re representing so you want to be the best you possibly can be.

This list is just the beginning, gorgeous! I'd love to share more of the tips, tools and tricks I've learned with you. Podcasting is an amazing way to share your expertise, build your authority and establish trust with your new and potential clients. Plus, it's so much fun and I know you'll love it once you've built your confidence and set yourself up for success!

If you’d like additional assistance launching your own show, or getting yourself ready to share your message with the world by being a podcast guest, please reach out to me. I would LOVE to help you build your brand through podcasting!

Check out for more information, and use code podcastqueen at checkout for 20% off!

Don't forget to download your FREE checklist below!


Disclaimer: I absolutely LOVE the items listed above and am an affiliate for many of them. Please note, I would NEVER recommend anything I don't use and value. ENJOY!


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