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This post went VIRAL yesterday...

As you’re aware, I’ve been a busy bee on Instagram since the pandemic started. I’ve been using great tools to help, and I pay attention to when posts connect well with our audience so I can create more impactful content that they find useful and motivational.

Yesterday, per usual, I was planning all of my posts for the week. There was a common theme between posts that resonated last week and also the conversations I was having with my clients, family, and friends.

Mental health was the #1 topic of conversation, particularly that we all needed to do a better job unapologetically protecting our mindset and only consume things that made us feel good. I, myself, did a nice cleanse of my social accounts recently and unfollowed or muted anything/anyone that didn’t keep me in a good and positive headspace (I don’t have time for negativity). As someone who has been a mental health advocate for years, this is an area I am extremely passionate about, so, I decided to create a post dedicated to mental health… and it went VIRAL. No boosting, no sharing in my stories, and no tagging. Just pure connection and truth-telling.

Here’s the post:

As the likes and shares continued to climb, it made me pause once again and reflect on the fact that we are immersed in social media now more than ever as a way to feel connected to those we cannot see in person and to keep up with what’s going on.

While social media does provide excellent benefits, we also allow a lot into our lives by the images and messages we consume. When you add in the additional stress of the pandemic, election, etc., we are privy to way more negative than positive.

Here’s the truth 👉🏻 We owe it to ourselves to be kind to our minds and unapologetically protect our mental health.

Blinders on, and mindset strong has become one of my mantras during this time because we have to block out what does not serve us. We are living in a chaotic and unpredictable world so we have to make a conscious effort to keep ourselves mentally well.

Remember, you only have ONE chance to live each day. Even giving someone 2 minutes of your time thanks to your social scroll can put you in a negative or unhealthy place if you’re not careful.

I highly encourage you to take 15 minutes today to do a social cleanse and block, unfollow and/or mute any accounts that cause you to doubt yourself or your abilities, or any that don’t lift you up.

You should unfollow if:

  • They make you feel bad about yourself

  • They impact your confidence

  • You feel jealous or envious

  • You feel anxious or depressed after viewing their posts

Here’s the deal — you unfollowing or muting them WILL HELP YOU and you deserve to be in a good place not just physically, but most importantly, mentally.

Remember, I believe in you 1000% and my goal is that you do to. One sure-fire way to help you have a successful day is to protect your mindset like the GOLD that it is.

Keep going, gorgeous, and commit to doing this for YOU today, and always!

We're all in this together so let's be intentional about taking care of ourselves and others 💕.


p.s. In light of this recent post, I am going to be adding even more mindset and confidence exercises to the Savvy Girl Academy Signature Course that starts in January! Please share this link with whomever you think would benefit from this awesome program 💕🙌🏻


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