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You have an incredible story that needs to be told. Sign up now to learn how!
Your Story Is Your Superpower!
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Give yourself the opportunity to be exceptional.

  • Does the thought of sharing your story out loud make you want to run and hide?


  • Have you ever turned down an opportunity because it involved you having to speak in front of others?


  • Even worse, have you not gone after interviews, speaking gigs, or raised your hand to share at events, because you're not sure what you would say if handed the mic?


  • Or maybe, the fear of public speaking isn’t holding you back, but you’re not sure how to captivate your audience to hold their attention and get them to take action at the end?


Public speaking continues to be at the top of the list of things people are afraid of or lack confidence in. Additionally, if it's not done well, it can repel opportunities rather than attract new ones.


In this course, we will break down how you could tell your story in 4 simple steps so you may confidently share your message with the world.


At the end of this course, you could have a go-to framework to tell your story with confidence and ease, regardless of how long you have in front of your audience.

You DESERVE to have the best public speaking experience possible!

This framework could be used to:

  • Confidently tell your story in person and online 

  • Command attention from the main stage

  • Replace your stale “elevator pitch” for something designed to be dynamic and engaging that leaves the listener wanting more

  • Explain who you are and what you do without losing track of your thoughts or getting in your own head

  • Give you an outline for your next public speaking gig, podcast or media interview, or networking event

  • Help you become an AWESOME speaker whether you have 30 seconds or 3 hours!


This exact formula has been used by HUNDREDS of my 1:1 clients over the last decade to stand out for all of the right reasons, monetize their message, and increase their impact. For many, they started out just wanting to confidently share who they are, and what they do with their audience, whether it was at a networking event, on a podcast interview, or from the main stage. They’re now keynote speakers, frequent media guests and experts, and winning awards left and right for their ability to articulate their powerful message with the world. 


Whether you’re looking for a confidence boost or a simple framework to rely on for years to come to help you stand out from the crowd, this course is designed to help you clearly share your message, help you hold your audience’s attention, and amplify your impact. 


You've got lived experiences, wisdom to share, and lives to impact. It's time to get over your fear of speaking and start sharing your message with the world! Your story is your SUPERPOWER and once you learn how to tell it you could be unstoppable! Let’s get to work!


online course

Where we will focus...

✔️ Mindset⁠ - We’re going to make sure your confidence and mindset are in check, and that you’re motivated to confidently share who you are with the world.

✔️ Messaging - We'll quickly identify the message that needs to be shared with your audience so you can connect with them instantly and leave them wanting more.

✔️ Delivery - I'll give you a go-to framework to use each and every time you're able to communicate who you are and what you do so you can focus on engagement, not on content.

It's time to start sharing your message! Purchase your course access today!

Enroll today if...

✔️ You want to build your confidence so the next time the microphone is passed to you, you know what to say and how to say it

✔️ You need guidance on how to effectively communicate your message

✔️ You want to nail your next speaking gig and need a structure to rely on

✔️ You want to share your message beautifully and eloquently with any audience

✔️ ✔️ ✔️ You’re SO ready for additional opportunities and want to make sure you're 1000% prepared!

Your message needs to be shared! Let's get to work!

Allison Walsh

You have everything you need to be abundantly successful and now it's time to invest in YOU and your beautiful message. I believe in you 1000% and my goal is that you do too. Let's get to work!

Allison Walsh, JD

Founder, Allison Walsh Consulting

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