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How to Build a Six-Figure Coaching Business

I've had the honor of owning and operating several coaching and consulting businesses over the last 14 years, while also being in charge of business development for a healthcare startup. To say I've learned a lot about starting and scaling is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

...let's just say some of the BEST lessons were learned the hard way 👀.

In this episode, I share how I got started, when and why the coaching companies changed, how they grew successfully, and things I would do differently if I had to start all over again.

Whether you’re a coach, small business owner, or future entrepreneur, you should definitely tune in to learn these important lessons.

I've used these principles in a variety of ways including growing my coaching business, in corporate America to hit 7-8 figure months, and have helped many of my clients scale their businesses and brands to new heights and levels of exposure as well.

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Memorable moments:

7:22: If there's something that you enjoy doing that you can monetize, why not lean into that? If nothing else, create an additional stream of income for yourself.

14:55: We wanted to have a healthy pipeline. We wanted to make sure that that business was going to be successful. And it was.

16:08: Watching other people be successful with what they set out to do actually lights me up more than my own successes do. And we were doing that over and over and over again, so I am sure you can understand that I was on fire all the time and it was phenomenal.

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Loved the episode? Check out the transcript below:

Hello and welcome to the She Believed She Could Podcast. I'm your host, Allison Walsh. I am so glad you're here. I'm a corporate exec, entrepreneur, coach, and mom of three who is obsessed with all things related to mindset, goal setting, and leveling up your personal brand so you can go after opportunities that you never even thought possible. I live by the philosophy that the whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you are meant to be. I created this podcast to motivate and inspire you and give you actionable tips and advice for you to use as you chase and accomplish your goals. I've also had the chance to build an incredible network of successful leaders, entrepreneurs, impact makers, and world-changers, who will also be sharing knowledge and words of wisdom with you. Remember, no dream is too big if it's matched with ambition and action. Most importantly, I believe in you 1000%, and my goal is that you do too. So sit back, relax, and grab your favorite note-taking device because it's time to fill up your mind and soul with positive vibes and advice to help you achieve your dreams. Now let's get to work.

Hey, it's Allison. Before I start today's episode, I have to extend the invitation for you to join me this Friday for a 2022 goals masterclass. I promise you, you are not going to want to miss this. You'll get access to an amazing training with yours truly, that will help you set yourself up to have an amazing 2022. So sign up if you want next year to be your absolute best year yet. If you're looking for a clear roadmap that will help you accomplish anything that you set your mind to, you're going to get it during the masterclass. And if you want to learn proven strategies that will help you level up next year and beyond and never cancel on yourself again, then you've got to be there. So make sure you grab the link in my bio, sign up. You've got to preregister before the event. It's Friday morning, 8:00 AM Eastern. I cannot wait to see you there. So make sure you do this for you because your future self is thanking you already. Okay, now on the show.

Hello to this fabulous community. I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I'm so excited to be here with you today. It is finally fall, feels like anyways, and the weather's changing. My vision's really clear to get through the end of the year. I hope you're feeling that too. There's an end in sight to 2021 and I'm getting really excited about all of the things in 2022, but I've been catching up with some of my girlfriends and individuals that I just really enjoy seeing in the community and had a really interesting conversation the other day with somebody who I just have so much respect for. We were chatting about how it all started for me on the Allison Walsh Consulting side of things and what that journey really has looked like. She said to me, she's like, "I've never heard the story before." She's like, "You really should share it. If nothing else, it'll give somebody inspiration and motivation to hopefully go start something that they want to do too, because I don't think everybody realizes how much your business has evolved over the last decade."

So thank you Jo, for that advice, and here is the episode that you recommended. So thank you so much.

I'm so glad that Jo did recommend that because I think so often it's easy to compare where we are in relationship to other people that have been doing it for longer than us. I know that when I got started in the coaching game, I was always paying attention to somebody else's 10th or 11th chapter versus comparing myself to just where I was the day before. So I really appreciate Joe making this recommendation because so oftentimes it's so easy to get stuck in that comparison trap or to not really see all of the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to build a successful business.

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers, all of the time to help build their businesses, brands, or side hustles so that they can increase their visibility and their profits and their opportunities. But I don't think everybody understands what goes on behind the scenes in order to even be able to do that from a business perspective. So I'm excited today. I'm going to actually pull back the curtain and share with you the journey that I've had. And so I appreciate you being here and also was a great trip down memory lane, as I really thought about this episode of really where I started and where I am now. I'm just so grateful. It just really made me even that much more grateful for this business that I've created, all the different iterations that it took to get here, the different versions of it, which we'll talk about today, and each version of this business. I will share with you tips that I have learned.

And if you're launching a business, whether it's a coaching business, a consulting business, a side hustle, whatever it may be, or you're scaling, these are really valuable lessons that you'll be able to take and apply to your business as you continue to grow and scale and evolve.

I'm excited to get started because I have done this not once, not twice, but three times. And initially it started as a hobby. The second business turned out to be wildly successful, and the third has continued to build on that momentum. So I'm excited to share these lessons with you because not only have I used them in this particular business to grow and scale multiple six-figure coaching companies, I've also applied many of these core principles to helping my clients grow their companies, as well as me growing other businesses to hit those seven-figure months over and over and over again. So this works. It especially works for coaches, consultants, service providers, anybody who's getting ready to get started and really needs to have the core foundational elements in place to be able to run a successful business.

As I prepared for this episode, all I kept thinking about was just this journey that I've been on and how I didn't have it all figured it out at all. But the one core thing that got me to where I'm at now with this business is that I started before I was ready with pretty much everything. That's gone well, anyways. In fact, I think I can actually pinpoint the things that didn't go well and those were the ones that I procrastinated on and waited too long to just try and figure it out. But I can take you back if you'd like to join me on this journey today, because I think there's a lot of really valuable lessons that I can share with you about what it's looked like because I don't want you to sit on your dreams.

And if this episode does nothing, but inspire you to go for it and to start making moves and to start putting pen to paper and dreaming big and thinking about what life and business and everything else could look like if you got intentional about it and if you stopped getting in your own way. Not making any accusations or assumptions, just saying it's often times what gets in our own way is us. And so when I think about how this whole business even started when I was 24 years old, I think, probably 24, 25 when I started coaching. And at that point it was literally a few people that had reached out to me saying, "Hey, I want learn how to do what you have just done."

So I was only a couple steps ahead of what people were coming to me asking for, which again, I think sometimes we overcomplicate things. We think we have to be masters at things. And yes, certain professions require the certifications, the licensure, the education, all the things, other professions or businesses really just require you to be a few steps ahead or to have a prototype or a model or something that you can sell or scale. That's really how it started. It wasn't anything crazy. And at first it started as something fun. I think a lot of times some businesses do start that way. Others start with pretty clear business plan and that's really how I've evolved over the years as I've started and scaled other businesses, but it was something that provided so much joy. And so that's another point that I want to make.

If there's something that you enjoy doing that you can monetize, why not lean into that? If nothing else, create an additional stream of income for yourself or revenue. I think last year and this year alone have taught us how important it is to have multiple streams and be financially secure from a lot of different directions. So again, if there's something that you do or you could share with others, I highly encourage you to consider even monetizing that. And so again, a few clients led to multiple clients. And as they gained success and recognition for what they were doing and that they were getting those really great results, it was an organically strong growth model that I was on and trajectory. And it really did spread by word of mouth. I didn't have complicated funnels or marketing tactics or anything else. It was word of mouth and it continued to grow and grow and grow. That was the first iteration of the business.

And again, it wasn't my full-time job. Very much on the side and was what I could do during the time that I was at that point, going to law full time and really leaning into trying to create a business of sorts around this. And then at that point, so now at this point, or recession time and my husband lost his job. We had just gotten married. Talk about feeling like the world was giving in. Just got married. I had quit my job to go to law school. Thankfully was coaching and could lean into that. And that became a really nice revenue stream for us. Then again, went from being something I did for fun to something now that I needed to do because of everything else that was going on and I could increase or decrease as needed to accommodate my schedule. So that was beneficial.

Then it came time where the business had grown to a point where if I didn't partner up or hire somebody or do something, I was going to max out. I was also feeling burnt out because there wasn't additional support. There was no one that I could share responsibilities with. And again, it was growing and growing and growing. You don't want to stop something like. So I was able to find an awesome opportunity and a dear friend of mine and I partnered up. We merged our businesses. This was like iteration number two of the coaching company. And we had done some different things before. We had run a photography business together for a couple of years. We're very good friends. And so she was doing something similar as to what I was doing and we said, "Well, why not do this together?"

And we were coaching out of our own homes at that point, which is interesting. Again, all of this was being done face to face. This was before virtual coaching was as popular as it is. Certainly could have been done to a certain extent, but our clientele at the time really needed to be with us face to face. So we said, "Okay, we are going to go and find a space and we are going to create all this buzz." Facebook was the thing at this point. So I'm dating myself I know through this story, but we started to really tease the fact that there was an announcement coming and we had to borrow money of course, because this was like a huge investment for us. We had a 2000-square foot studio where all of our clients would be coming. We had all of this investment that needed to be done up front. And so we borrowed $10,000 to get this thing off the ground. And I will tell you, we had already paid it back within like a couple of months because we were pre-selling.

And now this is the different. Towards the end of my solo coaching version one and moving into this partnership, I had found that there was a lot of benefit in packages because I didn't like just working with clients a couple of times, I couldn't... Guarantee is probably not the right word, but I had a greater opportunity of them being successful with what we were working on if I knew I would get to spend at least a minimum amount of hours with them. And I always would say, "I will run this race as fast as you do. I will put this effort in. I will match your effort and energy along the way. And if I want this more for you than you want it for yourself, we have a problem." But again, minimum amount of time is required to be able to see change happen and occur with a client.

And so I had moved into this package model. And so when version two of coaching started and we were in this partnership, that was all we offered. We would do an initial consult. And then we had three different packages that we offered based on the amount of hours that we were working with our client. And so that was awesome because we could pre-sell. And so as soon as we made the announcement that we were opening our doors, we did our ribbon cutting, our big party. I mean, we had a great open house. So many people came and we were booked quickly.

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So again, packages and learning how to sell differently made a major difference when it came to the bottom line of that business.

The other thing that we did with this business that I highly recommend that you do, and sometimes it's just not what we want to do, but we promoted the heck out of this company. We were loud and proud. We were on all social media. We were telling everybody about it. We were asking for referrals. And most importantly, we knew where our clients were. We went to them, we were not afraid to show up, get in the DMS, get in Messenger, ask for their business. And it made a big difference. So number one, we were attracting a lot, but number two, we were also looking for more. We wanted to have a healthy pipeline. We wanted to make sure that that business was going to be successful. And it was.

We also gave away initial consults. We knew with reasonable certainty that if we had an ideal client come through the door, that our chances of converting that potential client to an actual client was very high. And so for us, it was worth the upfront investment of time, energy, and effort to sit down with them, to get to know them, to additionally further qualify them, identify how we could help them through asking a series of questions. And we knew we could probably convert that client and the deal was pretty much done.

And then one of the biggest lessons that I have learned in business during the coaching company version two, was that we had to be prepared to scale. I think one of the reasons why it did not last longer than what it did, now we had an amazing run. Like it was very, very successful. It was highly profitable. We loved what we did. We had over a hundred clients that were all over the country, many of whom would fly in to work with us. Again, they were getting incredible results, which was just so awesome because I think one of the greatest joys that I get from coaching is watching other people be successful with what they set out to do. It actually lights me up more than my own successes do. And so we were doing that over and over and over again. So I'm sure you can understand I was just like on fire all the time and it was phenomenal, but again, we didn't scale right. We didn't have anybody else that we could lean on.

So if I could turn back time, what I would've done differently with that business was I would've brought other people underneath us sooner and mentored and trained them so that they could take some of the clients off of our plates, because what happened is that we were fully booked. We were wearing all the hats. We always called them all the crowns. We were doing it all and we weren't outsourcing enough. Now we were smart enough to outsource certain aspects of the business that we just knew other people could do it better than us, but when it came time for our core foundational elements, our curriculum, what we did, we did it just between the two of us. We would split up the clients, we would share of that responsibility. And again, we wanted to make sure that we were maximizing results. And so I think that was one of the things that really held us back towards the end. Is that it got to be at the end of two years and we're going, "Okay, that was really successful, but we are exhausted and we're not really sure what's next."

We knew that at time was limited, space was limited, our bandwidth, our energy. There were also amazing opportunities on the table for me with another career opportunity, and she had just gotten pregnant with her fourth kid in five years. And so it was kind of that time where we said, "You know what? We had a really good run, but this probably isn't sustainable and we want to exit while we're at the top of the game instead of watching it dwindle," because that was not what we wanted to see happen. But again, if I could turn back time, I would have brought people in earlier. I would have trained them. I would have helped us have a more sustainable model, but again, it taught me so many valuable lessons around business and also personally realizing that I don't have to be everything for everyone and learning that lesson was really important.

So we wound down the business. That's version two, and still some of my fondest memories come from those days and it was a phenomenal experience. We just had so much fun and our clients were just the best. And honestly, I still have some of these clients now in this new iteration of the coaching company that I've been able to work with and being able to see them and stay alongside them for so many years has just been a joy and an honor. Watching them evolve and pouring into with new things that I learn has been so fulfilling and I just absolutely adore my clients.

Fast forward, so now we're at 2015 and I am missing the energy of that business. I pursued the other career opportunity that came my way, part of a startup, again, high paced, accelerated growth, learning so much about business branding, all of it. And I was again, just missing that piece of working one on one with clients. And so I was like, "Okay, well, I loved what I've done before, but I feel like I've evolved and it's time for what I offer to also evolve." I'm also really concerned about scale and ability to work with people that aren't necessarily going to come see me in person. I want to expand my net so I can narrow my niche and be able to really provide amazing coaching virtually. I am fascinated with the online coaching space.

Now the self-education industry, the knowledge industry is projected to reach $350 billion a year by 2025. That's almost a billion dollars a day. That's pretty incredible and I wanted to figure out how I could also be involved with that. How could I create evergreen courses? How could I create and take actually a lot of the curriculum that I was already offering and do it at scale. And so I invested a lot in learning how to do that and also helping my clients do it too, because so often I see so many amazing women that are just burnt out, kind of like how I was feeling in version two. Burnt out, but wanting to still make an impact. And so I wanted to figure out how I could do that for myself and teach my clients that were consultants and coaches or healers as well to be able to do it too.

And so started doing that. I took a bunch of different programs, worked with a lot of different coaches, really invested heavily in the business so that I could learn how to do things differently. I was fascinated with online coaching programs, have taken so many of them myself, and wanted to be able to really pivot the business, get really visible online and provide awesome service for my clients. That was really the turning point as far as leaning into where it today. And again, I realized that I can go so much faster when I bring in awesome people and when I let go of some of the responsibilities. Because yes, I know I can do things, but just because I can do things doesn't mean I should. And I didn't want to get stuck in the business. I wanted to be able to work on the business. I wanted to help it grow and flourish and I couldn't do that and be doing all of the things.

And so I realized that I needed to have great resources within AWC that could help my clients with what their needs were. And when you really know your clients, you can meet them where they're at and you can provide exceptional service and you can surround them with support and you can pour into them, but you've got know who you're serving. And that's for everything. That's whether you're in a service-based business or you're in product-based business. You need to know your clients inside out and backwards. What do they need? What are their pain points? How can you help them? How can you accelerate their growth? How can you help them see their blind spots? As I say, see around the corner before they can see what could potentially be coming at them. And how do you help prepare them for success? How do you help them be the best possible versions of themselves? Grow the business, grow whatever there is they're working on. So it's really, really, really important that you know your ideal clients, because that makes all of the difference.

And so I did, and I knew what I needed to do and I knew who I needed to align myself with. And as I've been able to really evolve, when I first did my little foray into let's just call it coaching company version three, which was back in 2015, I felt very, for lack of a better term, like clunky, like kind of out of my own comfort zone because I had been in this comfort zone for so many years. At that point I had been coaching since 2007, 2008.

And so fast forward to 2015, I had a pretty consistent way of doing things. And now all of a sudden, my ideal client, my ideal customer had shifted a little bit. And so I had to really lean into those feelings of being uncomfortable, of growing, of showing up in a way that I hadn't shown up for before and showing up for people that I hadn't shown up for before. Reestablishing who I was because in the industry, in the niche that I was serving before, people knew who I was. I had a track record. I had a history of success. I knew what it is that I brought to the table, and now I was sharing this new offering to a new audience. I felt very outside of my comfort zone. And at times I would pull back. And so I want to share these lessons with you too, because I think this is really important to note.

You're going to be uncomfortable when you try something new. The only way that you get comfortable is to do it because nothing else, no one else, no amount of anything is going to make you feel any more prepared than you do when you start actually putting things into motion. Because at that point you can evaluate it, you can adjust it, you can tweak it, you can improve it, you can dial it back. Whatever you need to do, but you don't know until you try.

And so what I noticed in those first couple of years in version three of this company was that I would work really, really, really, really, really hard on something. And then I would get very freaked out when it was time to hit publish, or when it was time to promote it, or when it was time to get visible, when it was time to talk about it. I was a ball of nerves and it was just my lack of confidence in what I was doing. And it's not that I didn't know that I couldn't provide the service to the clients. I knew that. I knew I could deliver on what I offered, but I was so "new" with what I was doing that I felt almost as if this imposter syndrome had snuck in. Like who am I to be sharing this when there's all these other coaches out there, when there's all these other consultants that are doing this? Like, who am I?

I felt very small and I at one point felt that I was almost trying to prove my value beyond what I needed to. And it's true, I was so worried about what everybody else would think that I didn't allow my own light to shine brightly because when I am unapologetically myself and I show up 1000%, it's take it or leave it. I know I'm not for everybody. Totally get that. That's how everybody is. And I would think I was trying so hard to be something to people outside of who I needed to be that for. And so that was causing a lot of emotion, a lot of fear, a lot of imposter syndrome, all the things. And as a result, I experienced some pretty crappy launches because I didn't really get out in front. I would work so hard and I learned all the things. Again, this was me doing a lot of the things that I didn't need to be doing and taking it all, but I should have just hit publish. I should have hit promote, because if you don't promote your business, how are you going to be able to serve?

I think that's the other thing too. If you don't show up and shine it brightly, shine that light brightly on what you do, you are doing almost a disservice because people aren't going to be able to find you. They're not going to be able to work with you. They're not going to be able to buy the products or the services that you offer when you get stuck inside your own head. That's where I was and I was so devastated because here I came off of this wildly successful version two of the business. It was crazy successful and I felt like such a failure. I kept thinking, "I've just got to go back to what I was doing before, back to what I was doing before." And I just lost. It was a terrible feeling, but then I said, "You know what? The only way that I'm going to learn how to do this is to do it." And I just started doing it.

And fast forward, now I have amazing clients in a new niche that I love pouring myself into and it has given me so much joy. It also has been very interesting over the last several years. As I really doubled down, I got comfortable working with this new clientele. I really poured so much of my myself into them. I realized that I needed to be okay with saying no. My natural inclination is to want to help and there would be a lot of people that would reach out to me for different things, different services, skillsets that I knew and they wanted to learn. And I would say yes, but as I continued to evolve and as I realized really where I wanted to spend my time and who I wanted to spend my time with, every time I said yes to somebody that wasn't necessarily an ideal client for me at that time, I felt so out of alignment. I had to get really good with creating those boundaries to say, "You know what, let me refer you out to somebody else who's exceptional because I want to stay in my zone of genius here with the clients that I'm going to be working with one on one at this time."

And so again, being okay with saying no, being okay with saying, "Let me refer you to somebody else that can help you." Being okay with saying like, "This is where I'm headed. If we're not a good match, it's totally okay." Younger Allison would've been like, "No, no, no, no, no. I need all the clients." But that was a scarcity mindset. That was me not feeling as confident to charge what I'm worth to be able to provide the service that I'm providing, to be able to lean into the experiences that I'd had. Because again, this has been almost a 15-year journey at this point, 13, 14 years that I've been doing this and I've evolved.

I needed to give myself permission to evolve because when I gave myself permission to evolve into the coach I am now, I'm able to serve at such a higher level than what I was holding myself back to do. And so that was one of the most important lessons that I've learned in the recent years. It's something that I'm constantly reminding myself of as I continue to lean forward and continue to look for opportunities to serve in an even greater capacity. It needs to be in alignment with where I'm headed and not be holding on so much to the past. That's been a huge lesson for me.

And so I encourage you to think about some of the lessons that I shared with you today.

Number one, don't be afraid to lean into your calling. Don't be afraid to monetize your gifts. That was lesson number one.

Lesson number two is shout the rooftops about what you do when you decide to go all in and definitely be prepared to scale. Surround yourself with the people that you need so that you can grow and you can focus on building the business and not being stuck in the business.

The last lesson is to give yourself permission to continue to evolve. Sometimes it is so easy for us to hold on to who we once were instead of allowing ourselves to lean into who we want to be. When we show up as who we are and we are allowing that energy to fuel us, and we know exactly what we want and where we are headed, oh my gosh, you can make such a huge difference in the lives of those you serve. When you are lit up on fire and connected to your why, and your purpose is clear and you know what you're doing and you know and you trust yourself enough to at least put one foot in front of another, every single day, you're going to create the most beautiful life, you're going to create the most beautiful business. You're going to have such great results. It's going to be on fire and you're going to be so grateful and thankful that you trusted yourself enough to go for it.

And most importantly, my intention behind today was to inspire you and to encourage you and to let you know that it's totally okay if you don't have it all figured out in the beginning, it's normal. Nobody has it all figured out. Spoiler alert. I wish it was that easy. It's important that you get started though because if you don't start, you'll never know. And so I'm really, really hopeful that that is the big takeaway from today.

I'm super excited about all of the wonderful things that we've got in store for you over at AWC for your next level too. So if you're thinking about starting a business or you want to lean into your own personal brand because you want to bet on yourself, starting now, I can help you. And I love that. I love when women come to me and they say, "I am finally ready to get visible. I've worked in a career. I've worked in corporate America. I've even had my own business, but I wasn't fully showing up as me." I am ready, I am waiting, and I cannot wait to get started with you because I would love for you to really be able to step into the spotlight.

I would love to help you launch or scale the business that you've been dreaming of, or even investing in yourself to be able to take you to the next level. There is so much potential for you right now and I am praying that you take advantage of every opportunity to finally bet on yourself because we were all put on this planet to make an impact. It's those that lean into it that actually are able to reap the rewards of that and really see what they're capable of doing. But again, you can't do it unless you get started.

So I would love to talk with you. If you've got something that you're thinking about when it comes to 2022, if you're looking for guidance, support, motivation, inspiration, and a coach that's going to run alongside of you as fast as you want to go, you're in the right place. Nothing would make me happier than to help you accomplish the goals that you've been thinking about and dreaming about for years but haven't yet brought to fruition. That calling that you keep hearing was placed in your heart for a reason. It's time to bet on you. It's time to bet on your goals. It's time to believe in yourself. And I promise you, I will give you the biggest confidence boost. I will surround you with support. I will lift you up and I will help you make those dreams come true. I've been doing this, as we shared today, for well over a decade. I've walked alongside hundreds of amazing women and helped them bring those goals to fruition and make those dreams a reality because it's time.

We realize that there's no guarantees and the last thing we need to do is play small. We were put on this earth to make a big difference, but it's up to us to execute. It's up to us to take the steps. Daily baby steps can add up to massive results, but you've got to be willing to try. My hope and my wish for you is that a year from now, you are so proud of yourself for not giving up. And you're proud of yourself for betting on you and for giving yourself the chance to lean into that calling and to be so successful and show up as the best version of you and do the things that you know you're supposed to be doing.

So if this sounds like it's of interest to you, I welcome and invite you to apply for Elevate, which is our six-month mastermind. I cannot wait to work with so many amazing women in this setting, supporting one another, lifting each other up, getting our projects across the finish line and doing it together. We need to be cheerleaders for one another. We also need guidance from coaches who know how to get us to where we want to be. And that's exactly what we're going to do. So go to to apply. We've got limited spots. Enrollment is only open for two weeks. It is first come first serve. So the first group of women that qualify, that really meet those expectations for Elevate, are going to be the ones that get the invitations to join the group. So I encourage you not to stall on your application and to get it done so that you can be a part of the group.

I cannot wait to help you. I believe in you 1000%, and my goal is that you do too. So please take this invitation and this sign from the universe that you need to go check out; because you deserve for 2022 to be your best year yet. Take care, beautiful. I'll talk to you soon.

Thanks again for tuning into today's episode. Make sure that you are following us on Instagram @allisonwalsh. Make sure you're also in the Facebook community, She Believed She Could Community on Facebook. I will link to it in the show notes. It is packed full of amazing women who are supporting one another and lifting one another up. Again, don't forget about Elevate. It's going to be awesome. I would love to see you there. And if you wouldn't mind, please leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts. That would be amazing. And share it in your stories on Instagram. So just a few requests from me at the end of this episode, but I appreciate you and I'm grateful that you're here. I will see you in a couple weeks. Till then, be well, stay safe, take care. Bye-bye.


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