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That time I sold my Louis Vuitton in a CVS parking lot 😳...

Humor me and allow me to share an interesting moment from my entrepreneurial journey...

Rewind to five years ago. I was super pregnant with Brooklyn and had recently wound down a coaching company I loved with my business partner. I was feeling so lost and like I had a hole in my soul. For me, helping others become their best versions of themselves lights such a huge fire within me and brings tremendous joy...

I quickly decided that AWC needed a rebirth and that there was SO MUCH opportunity to impact people’s lives if I could just figure out a way to scale.

There was definitely a catch though...I needed to learn more about digital marketing and online platforms. While I had dabbled in it and YouTubed just about everything, I needed REAL coaching and guidance if I wanted to make big things happen.

Learning the tech side was something I was super excited about but it had a significant price tag.

And while I’m always willing to bet on myself, at that point we were stretched thin and expecting kid #2. The last thing I wanted to do was put us in a difficult situation…

Up until then I had built my businesses on hard work and hustle, but this time it required real dollars and cents, which made me super nervous, but I was determined to build a successful company and I knew this was the next big step.

Being the resourceful human I am, I turned to all of the things I could sell in order to have the capital to invest in myself and my business. While I definitely LOVE nice things, I will trade knowledge over material things any day, any time.

So I cleaned out my closet, listed everything I could on resale sites so that I could make this dream a reality.

I was SO close to the amount I needed and was down to the last item I was willing to part with… It was a gorgeous Louis Vuitton purse that my husband had given me…yikes!!!!

The buyer was willing to take it off my hands for my asking price and we met up in a CVS parking lot to do the deal. 😳

I’ll never forget that day for the rest of my life.

It was a moment in my entrepreneurial journey that really reinforced how much I value the concept of evolving, learning, growing, and chasing my dreams.

Every penny from that experience was invested in education, coaching, mentorship, guidance, and the business, and I promise you the return has been way over 10X as a result.

Here’s the deal -- NO one or thing can ever take away knowledge or education from you. You can leverage it, maximize it, build upon it, and make way more happen if you take the leap and invest in your future.

So I highly encourage you to give some dedicated time, energy, and effort to think about what it is that YOU truly want, and whether or not you need to make an investment in yourself to accomplish your goals…

If the answer is that you do, I’d love to help you - even if it’s just to brainstorm or discuss the possibilities for your future.

If you’re ready and interested in one of the AWC packages or the Savvy Girl Academy, I’d be honored to be a part of your journey! ➡️ If the Savvy Girl Academy (Platinum) is something you want to pursue, use SGAPLATINUM at the checkout today (11.25.20), and you'll receive an additional 10% off the enrollment fee.

As a special bonus and in honor of that momentous experience in my entrepreneurial journey, if you invest in any AWC package or the Savvy Girl Academy by end-of-day Monday, November 30th, you’ll be entered to win a BEAUTIFUL Louis Vuitton business card holder!

My hope for the lucky giveaway WINNER is that it will always be a reminder to invest in YOU 💕.

Stay safe, and savvy!




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