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How I Completely Changed My Life in 3 Months...

Hi gorgeous ✨ The last couple of years have been incredibly intense, and after a wake-up call in the fall of 2021, it was time for me to do a hard reset on my life and priorities. 😫⁠ In this episode of The She Believed She Could Podcast, I share more about the positive psychology coach certification process I've been going through and how it completely changed my life. Not only did it help me recover from extreme burnout, but it's also re-invigorated my life and career in ways I never even imagined. I'll give an overview of what's to come and how my well-being scores went from "getting by" to "consistently thriving" in only 3 months thanks to the science of positive psychology.⁠

Memorable Moments:⁠ ➡️ "I took a real, intentional pause. I also sought out a lot of support for myself, because I knew that I needed to heal on the inside. I needed to give myself grace and I needed to surround myself with amazing people to help me reset, refresh, and refocus."⁠

➡️ "I was noticing a lot of common themes where people were feeling kind of stuck, or women would come to me and say, 'I know I'm so much more capable than how I'm showing up. I want to be vibrant. I want to be radiant. I want to know that I'm in alignment with my mission, my purpose, my values, and my vision. And most importantly, I want to be happier and more joy-filled and fulfilled and engaged and the work that I'm doing.'" ⁠

➡️ "Because when you're happier, and you're showing up as the best most vibrant version of you, you are able to pour into others. You are able to attract opportunities that you want for yourself. You are a magnet, essentially, for what you want in your life. And I can tell you that this experience has changed my life forever."⁠ Tune in on your favorite podcasting platform, and please share this episode with someone who you know will benefit. Stay tuned to learn more about what you can do to infuse more joy, happiness, and success into your life ✨⁠ xo, Allison

p.s. I'm launching a new program in May for those looking to reset, refresh and refocus too! Let me know if you're interested!


In case you missed it! ✨ I teamed up with Julie Ball from Sparkle Hustle Grow and I'm her featured coach in her May box! It's an awesome gift for the female entrepreneurs in your life (and you should definitely grab one for you too)! Order today before it's too late! It also comes with a "before you can buy them" set of our new Confidence Cards! ✨ My first article in Harvard Business Review was published yesterday! I am honored and thrilled to have contributed to this prestigious platform and loved being able to share additional tips around goal setting and accomplishment.

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