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I love it when women go for it!

There are not enough words to describe how much respect I have for Nancy Surak. Not only is she an incredible champion of women, especially in male-dominated industries, she’s one of the nation’s top commercial real estate land brokers and an absolute BOSS at what she does.

When she called me in September 2020 after listening to an episode of The She Believed She Could podcast about goal setting, I was SO EXCITED to hear that she was ready to truly invest in a goal she had for herself for the last 10 years which was to invest in her personal brand. Nancy was very aware of the impact that personal branding and becoming visible can have on one's career and in true Nancy form, she was ready to go "all in".

Nancy hustles, loves to get things done, and is always up for a challenge. She shared that she was ready to go to the next level and realized that she needed to amplify her presence if she wanted to make the impact in her industry that she knew she was capable of.

Now let me be clear --- Nancy is a DREAM client. She’s motivated, is willing to step outside of her comfort zone, and loves chasing the next goal. I always say to my clients that I will run this race as fast as you do, and let me tell you, it was a 6 month, fast-paced sprint with Nancy and I LOVED every minute of it.

Nancy invested in the Launch Your Beautiful Brand Package in October and immediately got to work. We met weekly so that we could accelerate her progress. We identified her goals, got super clear on her ideal clients and how she can best connect and serve them, discussed how and where she wanted to show up, and created an action plan.

From there, we had a blast working on her brand guide that would serve as the foundation for all of the next steps which included her brand photoshoot, video shoot, website design, media kit and social media game plan. She learned how to use tools that will help her for years to come so that she can continue to implement what we worked on and be “on brand” every step of the way.

What I loved about Nancy is that she trusted the process and leaned into the transformation that she was experiencing. Obviously she knew that the aesthetics would be stunning as they all came together, but what I loved the most is that she also took the next step when it came to her mindset and really owning her stunning personal brand.

When it came time to launch, she decided she would throw a Personal Brand Launch Party with 20 of her friends, not just to celebrate, but to encourage them to go after their next dream. So on April 14th, which also happens to be "Reach As High As You Can Day", we celebrated Nancy's commitment to pursuing this goal while she inspired every single person there to commit to their next level as well.

As I sat there listening to all of the women in the room talk about how they know Nancy, one thing was abundantly clear. She’s the woman out in front, brave and bold enough to give it a try, while inspiring others to do the same and encouraging them to go for it.

To that, I say “cheers to Nancy” and the beautiful brand she’s built and the legacy she’s created. She’s always been a bad ass boss lady and now the whole world can easily see it, just like her friends always have.



p.s. If you're ready for your next level and would like to discuss how I can help get you there, please reach out to schedule a consult by emailing



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