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How to Become a Visibility Queen with Crissy Conner

Crissy Conner, the Visibility Queen, joins us on the show today to discuss why we've got to show up on camera to maximize our reach and business potential.

Leaning into the power of video with your social media strategy can make a massive difference for your brand and business. Customers and clients want to get to know the REAL you and Visibility Queen Crissy Conner teaches others how to do that confidently and consistently.

In today's episode, we focused on:

➡️ The power of visibility

➡️ Why you need to become visible, even if you're an introvert

➡️ Tips to show up authentically and confidently on video

Memorable moments:

3:51: And when I knew that I could help someone grow their business, and when people started saying you've helped me so much, it added fuel to the fire and helped me become so much more visible because I know the power in it.

5:20: And the best way to market your business is to show up as yourself, show up and be genuine, be authentic, be messy sometimes, and just let people connect with you and be able to build that.

6:46: People don't want perfection because perfection isn't relatable and there's no way that's how somebody is all the time.

7:16: It's not about you. It's about who you can serve.

About Allison:

Allison Walsh is a seasoned executive, philanthropist, speaker, professional coach and consultant, Miss Florida 2006, and mom of three. A two-time CEO for national coaching firms, Allison has over 15 years of organizational leadership, mentorship, and coaching experience. As host of the She Believed She Could and Dear Mind, You Matter podcasts, and the creator of impactful coaching programs, Allison focuses on helping women develop and leverage their personal brands personally and professionally to scale their businesses, careers, and influence while making an impact. Online, she focuses on female empowerment and motivation, goal setting, personal branding, and mindset mastery. Named in the Orlando Business Journal's 2021 Top 40 Under 40 and Women Who Mean Business, Allison is a frequent contributor to Forbes, a proud member of Forbes Business Development Council, Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network, The Revenue Collective, and Orlando Business Journal's Leadership Trust.

Instagram - @allisonwalsh

About Crissy:

Crissy Conner is a social media strategist, visibility expert, and founder of Visible, the inner circle of entrepreneurs ready to consistently increase their impact, relationships, and growth to become unforgettable to their audience. What began as a behind-the-scenes introvert, ran an agency to support clients with full-service social media, quickly turned into coaching others to break up with their comfort zones to get on video and become the face of their business. As The Visibility Queen, she runs free video challenges, 10-Day Visibility Explosion Bootcamps, and coaching to guide entrepreneurs to market their business the right way. Crissy leads by example pushing herself to do things like her "100 lives in July," diversifying her marketing, and being on multiple platforms all while doing the same things she asks of her Followers. Crissy’s expertise revolves around organic/paid social media and strategy, marketing diversification, content creation, and creating systems to explode your visibility to work smarter not harder. She works with a wide range of aspiring side hustlers, six and seven-figure brands all wanting to create an impact. She is also the co-host of Queen Con, a female business conference, and The Social Media, Sales, Sex & Why You Don't Suck Podcast.

Instagram - @crissy.conner.creates

Tik Tok - @crissyconner

Website -

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