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5 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For Success


Are you ready to achieve abundant success?

This episode is dedicated to creating the space for greatness in your life and career. You'll learn how to get rid of distractions and make time for what's important, so you can finally achieve your goals.

Remember, Queen: Success doesn't happen by accident. You have to work for it and be intentional about what you do and who you surround yourself with. And that's precisely what we'll help you do on today's show.

We'll give you the tools and strategies you need to not only be successful but to be able to ENJOY the journey as well. Tune in now and let's get started!

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Hello and welcome to the she believed she could podcast. I'm your host, Allison Walsh. I'm a corporate executive entrepreneur, coach, professional speaker and mom of three was obsessed with mindset, confidence brand building and helping you create the life and career that you can't stop thinking about. If you're a queen who's chasing your dreams, you are in the right place. I love nothing more than empowering you and equipping you with his operation, motivation, and the resources you need to make your goals a reality. This show is designed with your dreams in mind. And I am so excited for you to soak up the knowledge and wisdom that my incredible network of guests will share with you. They're successful leaders, impact makers and world changers. And they're coming in hot with words of wisdom to help you go farther, faster, and make epic things happen for your future. Remember that I believe in you 1,000%. And my goal is that you do to never forget that you are a queen, and you deserve to have it all. So sit back, relax and get your favorite note taking device because you're about to receive positive vibes and advice that will help you level up in business and in life. Now let's get to work. Hello, Queens, I am so excited to spend some one on one time with you today. It has been a hot minute since I've done a solo episode and recorded some things for you. Specifically, I have just had wonderful guests on the show recently and have loved being able to really shine the spotlight on them and all of the cool things that they're doing. And today I am going to share a little bit more behind why I've been so heavily focused on the guests and not on my own stuff. Because there's been a lot going on behind the scenes that I am looking forward to sharing with you. Because you know, we always talk about intention. We talked about goal setting, we talked about putting things in motion that allow us to really chase after our dreams. And when you do that it's amazing when like the universe, and God listens and delivers. And it's like oh my gosh, there's so much going on. And so that's really the theme of what I wanted to talk to you about today. Because, you know, a couple years ago, I got really intentional. I mean, I've always been intentional, right? We know that like I love goals, I love success, I love accomplishing things. I love leveling up all of the time. And one of the things that I really, really, really wanted was to be able to use my voice to create change and impact people on a larger scale. And so, you know, during the pandemic, when everything kind of hit the fan, I started this podcast, I surrounded myself with people that could help me get to the next level. Right? Right, just like I serve in that capacity in so many people's lives with my clients and our community members. I needed that for myself. So I started to put the wheels in motion, I started to get really clear on what I wanted the next couple of years. So like, what opportunities I wanted, you know, I've always wanted to write a book, I'm so grateful to have that opportunity right now and to be knee deep in the manuscript writing process, which Oh, my gosh, I will write a whole blog on that. And I will definitely record episodes about that experience as I started to surface from that. But also, I wanted to get back on stage right, as soon as the world opened back up again, really, really, really wanted to take the new lessons and the new guidance and the new inspiration and motivation and lessons learned I really wanted to put those messages on stage again, and to be able to share those with audiences across the country and hopes that I could help them navigate their next stage and phase of business and life. And so by doing that, right, I set those intentions, right, I wanted to be on stages, again, I wanted to get a book deal, those things started to materialize. And you know, as it seems to happen, most of the time it comes in and ebbs and flows, right. Like you get a whole surge of opportunities. And then sometimes it's a little bit quieter than others, but those are the times to really hunker down and do the work and continue to make forward momentum. So anyways, back it up a little bit, September and October, right, very full months, crazy blessings. And it seemed like everything was kind of stacking itself. Like I got my book deal in August, I had three different speaking engagements in different parts of the country in September. Remember, I also work in addition to having my own agency and amazing team at AW See, I also work full time for Advanced Recovery Systems. And that is a very focused effort requires a lot of me on a daily basis, I have to show up high vibe and fully focused in order to be able to do those things. So that's going on right we're getting ready to open another center. And it seemed like all of these blessings were coming at the same time and when I saw that starting to happen and materialize in like July and August and I knew these dates were are already on the books. You know, I got invited to speak at Dreamforce, which is sales forces conference. It's like a mega deal out in San Francisco was so happy about that job lined extended the invitation for me to speak on the outbound stage to a roomful of just ambitious salespeople, which those are my people, I loved it. But it was a new keynote as well, I was speaking at the Orlando women's conference about a topic, I cared deeply about mental health. That was a different presentation. And then I had some other things that were materializing from, like a brand partnership perspective, you know, I've had this opportunity to partner with Thinkific, and launch their new communities teacher, so all of these like really, really, really good things. But I knew that in order to be able to show up fully, and to show up focused, I had to create space, right, I had to do the things that I wanted to do. So I want to kind of bullet point to you what happened, you know, over the last several months, and how I was able to get those things across the finish line and continue to write the book and work on new keynotes and all these other things, because one of the most frequently asked questions is like, how do you get all this stuff done? Right, like, Do you sleep? And the answer is, yes, a lot of hours a lot more than what you probably think. But everything is done with intention and purpose. So the first thing right away intention, when you think about the intentions that I set two years ago, the intention that I said a few months ago, it was to make sure that I was going to stay super focused. And I was not going to get overwhelmed in the process. So that was the first thing that I did for myself, I made that promise, I was like, these are the blessing as you pray for this is what you've been working so hard for, let's make sure that we don't get overwhelmed in the process. Because if I'm overwhelmed, I'm not going to enjoy any of it. And then what the heck am I doing right? Like, the whole point is to enjoy the journey right not to be stressed out or run myself rampid and get exhausted and overwhelmed and burnt out. So that was the first thing I set the intention that I wasn't going to be overwhelmed by the intentions that I had already set right of like doing the things and going after these amazing opportunities. The next thing that I did was that I created the space. So when I started this episode, I was talking about how we've had a lot of guests on right. So one of the things that we did over the summer, my team at AW see, and she believes she could, I mean, I've got six amazing women that helped me make this thing happen, right, all of it. And my director of momentum, Jennifer was really, really good about getting all of our guests booked over the summer so that by the time really like August hit, I was pretty much done recording all of season three and most of season four. So that was awesome, right? So it meant batch recording, it meant carving out time and space. It meant, you know, doing definitely more interviews than what I normally do in a current month. But it was again, kind of the forward thinking the future casting of like, we've got to do this so that I can show up. And I can just focus on the things that I need to be focused on. And not let other things like the podcast and everything else that I love creating go by the wayside. Okay, so that was number two, creating the space. The next thing was that I had to make sure that I was taking really, really, really good care of myself, right, we've talked about this on this show before, I had a heck of a battle with burnout last year, I refuse to allow myself to get overwhelmed anymore. To that degree ever again, it was horrible, took a massive toll on me physically, mentally, emotionally, and I needed to do everything I can do to surround myself with support and help and guidance and all of the things right. I'll get into that a little bit further in this episode. But most importantly, from a physical and mental state, I wanted to make sure that I was preserving my energy that I was restoring myself enough throughout the day, right? Because I pour into people all day long, whether it's my clients, whether it's my team members, whatever it may be, that is what I do. And so that requires a lot of me, in addition to all of these other things that were going on, right, and once you start to add in travel, once you start to add in presentations being on stage in front of a lot of people, it's a different energy mix. And it can definitely be depleting if you're not restoring and taking care of yourself, right so in addition to my morning workout, which is not that intensive, I don't want you guys to think I'm like going to the gym for two hours because that's not the case. It's it's very short gets my body and blood moving right so that I can start my daily practice, right so made sure I committed to my daily workout every day made sure I did not skip my meditation, even if it's 10 or 15 minutes, it allows me to get centered and focused. And again, like prioritize what's most important in that moment how I want to show up what I wanted the day to be like, that had to happen. Taking advantage of the weekends to you know, go get a vitamin drip if I needed to or you know, I actually scheduled a facial I took a day off of work right and I just took care of me which I needed to do because so much is expected of me. Right so that one day was like rocket fuel for the rest of the month. And it made such a big difference for how I even felt about myself, right, I gave myself this gift of time to take care of me, which made me feel good and made me feel like I was honoring the commitment to myself, which in turn, you know, residual effects all positive. So that was the next thing taking really good care of me, right. So with all that travel, I definitely did a couple of vitamin drips, I got, you know, facial massage, I did the things right, I took the time that I needed for me, I committed to my morning routine, I made that I cleared the space, right, we talked about that. So all of these things, the next thing was that I surrounded myself with incredible support. So I have already mentioned that I have this rockstar team with aw state. I've got an amazing team at IRS that I can depend on that show up incredibly humans that are, we're all marching to the beat of the same drummer, right? We're very focused on saving lives and creating change and just being innovative. And it's just amazing love, I love my people. But I also have an amazing tribe of support. Right. So I have coaches and mentors and people that are in my corner that are helping me do the things that I want to do. And I always say right, never take advice from somebody that hasn't done what it is that you're trying to do. And I believe wholeheartedly in that. And so I've got amazing coaches that are helping me through the book writing process, through the book launch process, through the brand process. And I you know, I specialize in branding, but I think sometimes the hardest thing to do is brand yourself. And I've known that I've been going through this evolution now, especially the last couple of years as I've gotten clearer about what I want the next three to five to look like. And it was really, really, really important for me to surround myself with people that could help me continue to make forward progress. Take away the questions that I had, right and give me the answers that I needed to I could keep moving forward with confidence, right. And it doesn't have to be hard. I say this all of the time, sometimes I think we get in our own way. We complicate things, we make it harder, when really if you put the right coaches in your corner, you can go farther, faster, you know, not deal with the overwhelm, and you enjoy the process so much more because you got people in your corner that are like so invested in your success. That's why I love coaching. That's why I always have coaches in my corner, or experts or people that are helping me get done the things that I want to get done. So I asked for help. I asked for support. And I surrounded myself with amazing people that are helping me get to where I want to go. And then most importantly, I celebrated the journey, right? So each of these things that has happened over the last couple of months, has been years in the making, right? So it's not an overnight success by any means. I have been working my little tail off for years decades really creating this opportunity for myself to be able to share my story through a book right, creating the opportunity to share my message from stages, being here showing up for you guys all of the time, right? So this has been gradual, right, it's been accumulating over time. And sometimes when you're just focused on one step in front of the next and you know, you know, I love this 1% Better mentality and celebrating wins is a big part of this. And sometimes it's even hard for me to remember to do it. So you've got to celebrate the micro wins, just like you celebrate the macro wins. And thankfully, some of my coaches were the ones that were reminding me like, hey, let's pause for the cause here and celebrate the fact that you wanted to write a book since you were 18. And just got this deal and like you know, you've gotten advanced, you can write you can focus on this. This is huge, right? Like, let's celebrate that. Let's celebrate each one of these speaking opportunities. Let's celebrate the fact that through all of these, you now have all these additional new keynotes because we worked on them right speaker coach come in, help me get that done. Right. Soon, we got all these new opportunities that I can continue to propel forward. And I continue to make an impact on a much grander scale, which is always been my mission and purpose is to create change and impact on a larger scale. And so I am so thrilled that I was reminded of that, and I you know, I encourage you to keep that win list. I have my team do it. Every quarter, I encourage you to do it on the regular celebrate the micro wins because they lead to the macro, right small wins stack up and create massive impact in your life. And I am so excited about this next chapter in my life in this next chapter in your life. We are closing out the year we are getting ready for 2023 We are so prepared for what's next. Right because we continue to show up we continue to do the work we continue to do a checkup from the neck up we continue to honor our selves our purpose, our intention, what we want for our lives, right and that's what gets me so excited about this next evolution. Right. So the book goes to the publisher in December. Yay. So excited. I'm officially halfway through writing, which oh my gosh, right. That's been a therapeutic process and experience in and of itself. But then I get to turn my attention to the book launch. I get to turn my attention to the 2023 offering that I'm giving to this community. Right and I'm so excited about it because I know that the women that say yes to themselves, and they want that intensive one on one attention from me, they are gonna get poured into in a way that I am so excited about and so lit up from the inside, because I've gone through a transformation to and you know, I love to share. And I love to give that to others. And I love to pour into people and help them elevate and become the best version of themselves. And so you can bet that I am going into 2023 with fire and focus and just this excitement about what is to come because I believe in you 1,000%. And my goal is that you do too. And my hope is that 2023 is a year for the record books for you. And that you decide right now, not on January 1, right right now that you are going to do what you need to do for you to make it the best year of your life. No excuses, no playing small, no regrets none of it, we're going into it saying I'm going to win, right, I'm going to be abundant, I'm going to be successful, I'm going to be happy, I'm going to be healthy, I'm going to be wealthy, I'm going to be all the things because I deserve it, because I've done the work. And I've shown up and I have exceeded my own expectations, that is my intention for you. I hope that's your stew and I would love to be part of your circle of support. Please reach out to me, I'm going to include some links in the show notes today. Because I really would love to hear from you. I'd love to know what's on your heart, what's on your mind, what you're looking for how I can support you. And certainly if you are interested in that one on one experience with me, I have three month offerings, a six month offering and a 12 month offering, meaning I want to be in your corner filling up your cup, all year long, if that's your intention, but those are very, very, very limited. So please make sure you grab the link in the bio to grab the link in my show notes either or either on Instagram or here. And I will make sure that we schedule some time so I can hear from you. And if I'm not the right fit, here's the best thing, I'm going to find somebody else that is because you putting that intention out into the universe that you want more for yourself, you deserve to have support and I will help you find it. Okay, so I love you, I care for you deeply. I am cheering for you, I am excited for you. And don't forget about what we talked about today. Right. So making the intention to not get overwhelmed as you experienced transformation, right? Creating the space, the time to work on you for you taking really, really, really good care of yourself. Because as my mom says, None of this is possible. If you don't take care of yourself, right. Like that's the same message I'm giving you to surrounding yourself with support because you deserve to go farther, faster with less overwhelm and to know that you have somebody in your corner and celebrating the transformation and appreciating the journey as you go. Okay, I love you have a great week. I believe in you. I'm cheering for you. Don't be a stranger, let me know how I can help you. And please share this episode with those that needed to quarantine. I hope you've loved this show. If you did, please head on over to Apple podcasts and leave us a five star review. It makes a big difference and help a lot more queens who are chasing their dreams to find the show too. We work really hard on creating a quality production. And I want to make sure as many people that need to listen to it can so we appreciate your help in advance. And of course, check out the show notes. We always include lots of great information in there as well as links so that you can continue the conversation or access additional support or resources or the book recommendations from our guests. So please check that out. We would love for you to continue to stay engaged with our beautiful community. You can also access the she believes she could Facebook community from the link in the show notes as well. And you know, we'll be continuing the conversation at Allison Walsh on Instagram. So please join us there. And remember, I believe in you one first and my goal is that you do too so please stay connected. Let me know how I can support you as you chase and accomplish your goals. I'm always happy to make a connection or maybe it's just to fill up your cup and tell you that you're an awesome clean that can accomplish anything that you set your mind to so whatever you need, I'm here for you. I'm so excited for you. Stay focused, beautiful, it is all within reach. You deserve abundance success


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